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Another opportunity to test Dissidence, the rules will change a bit:

Gates of Babylon Dissidia Tournament - May 27 2017

Necessary Stuff:

  • Adhocserver.exe 
  • Zero Tier One
  • PPSSPP version 1.11-222
  • NA version of DDFF (code ULUS 10566)
  • Discord

(All except .iso of the game and discord can be downloaded from )

General Rules:

  • Ruleset: Dissidence Version 3 - Fixed equips version (savefile with all characters ready, change assists and skills as you wish: 
  • Feral Chaos Banned
  • 1-hit chase rule: "If you chase after a successful chase BRV attack, it must be an empty chase (don't perform any additional chase attacks)" 
  • Infinites are allowed
  • Kuja, Sephiroth, Aerith, Tidus, Yuna and Jecht assists are Banned
  • Counter Summons Always Equipped
  • Reverse Free Dash is banned
  • Dave's Stuped Rule (you cannot pick a stage you have already won on)
  • Any rage-quitting behavior, be it "softly" (pressing Start > giving up the match) or "hardly" (closing the PPSSPP, etc.) will result in a disqualification from the tournament

Special Rules:

  • You choose two characters. When you lose a match, you may change or keep your character, while the winner has to keep
  • To avoid blindpicking, you must say with who you will start a match along with your picks. Send your picks to me on Discord
  • You can't pick two among: Prishe, Squall, Lightning, Firion, Sephiroth, Zidane, Onion Knight, Exdeath, WoL and Cloud
  • If your character during a match is Shantotto, Yuna, Terra, CoD, Cecil, Bartz or Laguna, you have the RIGHT to pick any allowed stage you like and Dave's Stuped rule does not apply to you
  • In case both players pick one of these characters or none for M1, a coinflip will decide who picks the stage among the following stater stages:
  • World of Darkness, Lunar Basement, Sky Fortress Bahamut
  • Then, the loser may pick any of the following stages:
  • Old Chaos Shrine, World of Darkness, Lunar Basement, Order's Sanctuary, Kefka's Tower, Crystal World, Sky Fortress Bahamut, Crystal Tower, Prima Vista (the allowed stages)
  • For example, if the winner was using a character with stage pick advantage and the loser switched to a character with this right as well, the loser will choose the stage
  • Omega variants are banned

There is no striking/ban system, therefore, sets can be done from beggining to end with just a coinflip or no external assistance at all, just rememeber to post who won on discord so the brackets can be updated

Tournament Format:

  • One day double elimination tournament
  • All sets are best of 5 matches
  • Remember to save ALL of your matches and send the replays to me, on Discord

Sign up format:



  • Deadline: May 26th, 11:59 PM GMT -12
  • Send me a DM in discord with your picks and I will reveal a list with everyone's team an hour before the tournament starts
  • Send me another DM to confirm your presence. It is best you do it 10 minutes before the tournament starts or earlier


  • I will do as I please. A link of the brackets will be posted on our discord at least an hour before it starts

Reiterating, tournament will begin and end on May 27th

START: 6:00 PM (18h00min) Reference Timezone GMT 0 (may change)


Notes: get ready a little before tournament starts, there will be 20 minutes tolerance, if a match didn't start before that because of you, you go directly to losers, then another 20 minutes will be given until you get eliminated.

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Timezone: GMT -7:00

Let's hope I can do better this time, huh?


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