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The 1 Vs 1 and 2 Vs 2 meta

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Stevie    4

So, today we confirmed that online lobbies will have an option to allow 1 Vs 1 and 2 Vs 2 or even 2 Vs 1 as battle options via this interview: http://www.4gamer.net/games/383/G038350/20170724001/


What do you think about this and what do you think will happen with the 1 Vs 1 and 2 Vs 2 meta's, what characters do you think will be virable in the 1 Vs 1 meta based on their current movesets 

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HYNE    26

All imbalance issues aside, I'm looking forward to finding fair and fun 1v1 match-ups to play—some might be really enjoyable and make the mode worthwhile. As for 2v2, it will be interesting to see how it compares to the main 3v3.

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DyxoXinoro    15

I'm sure there's going to be enough people spouting on about how Shoot types would be unbalanced for 1v1, but there are three characters I can already see dominating a 1v1 meta: Squall, Tidus, and Sephiroth. All for much the same reason, as well. Each of them are centered around singling out one person and chasing them down until either Squall/Tidus/Seph kills them or needs to back off because of that character's team.

Squall does this through his ability to combo his attacks together very well. Raven's Claw and Thunder Berret make for obvious starters, and each of them branch well into his other attacks, which can set up for Fated Circle or Rough Divide really well with proper positioning. If a player is good at getting those timed hits of his well then Squall could, in theory, keep an opponent perpetually brave broken with ability to shred through Bravery.

Tidus' whole shtick is darting around the field and being highly mobile, able to rush down opponents via hit and run tactics. Compounded by him being able to Quick Hit to regain his dash meter while gaining brave and Dash and Slash's crazy, now uninterruptible damage output and him being able to shut down the opponent's keep away game to an extent with both Energy Rain and Jecht Shot.

Meanwhile, Sephiroth - between his dash cancels and Ex-Skill - can pressure an opponent easily by just keeping on top of them. Plus, as he's a Heavy type, his attacks will be harder to interrupt than most as well. His ability to inflict Doom on someone also allows him to pressure while backing off to lick his wounds, should he not have Octaslash equipped. If he does have Octaslash, however, than his ability to dash cancel and chase opponent's down after hitting them gets a lot scarier.

I can see an argument being made for if Vaan or Bartz are able to snowball, though Bartz has a clear advantage in that sense, or for Firion being able to shut down close range attacks against him if he can keep on the ground. The Emperor might also have quite a fun time if he's given room to breath and set up traps. However, I believe the top three as my understanding of the game currently stands will be Squall, Tidus, and Sephiroth.

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