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Long ago a great war raged in the deepest part of the universe, a place that is normally inaccessible to those who cannot travel through the Void. This war, the ultimate struggle between good and evil, lasted seemingly forever; with the great dragon Shinryu reviving the fallen warriors each time it came to a close. Though after thirteen cycles the long, bitter war finally came to a close.

However peace would not last. Though the gods ran out of warriors to summon Shinryu was able to grant them the power to expand their reach to other realms. They were tired, but had to carry on as will of the Creator who started the gruesome conflicts. As they summoned warriors, some remained from the previous war; now trapped in an eternal nightmare of conflict. Though beyond them twelve new warriors were summoned. Yet some of these warriors saw the war for what it was and tried to escape it. From this, three factions were made of the warriors.

The Guardians, sworn to protect the Goddess of Order, remained at her side throughout the war and worked their efforts to gain her favor in the cycles.

The Soldiers of Chaos, each conniving as they serve the God of Destruction, fueled their own destructive needs through war. They put all their efforts into making the battles more bloodied than before, and wish to bring down the Goddess in order to destroy the peace that she wishes to maintain.

And then there are the Reluctant. Though not a unified group, they make up the warriors who wish to escape the war in one form or another. With nothing pulling them together each one goes about his own agenda independently, but the nature of the war eventually finds them caught up in it’s tribulations.

A new war, a new Dissidia, is about to begin as the great dragon rests once more. With these new warriors, who can say what will befall the world they now live in? Only time will tell.


~ Dissidia Alto ~

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Finally, the war’s over. After countless battles we had finally beaten Chaos and everyone returned home. I had even gotten my own adventure throughout the world, only to find Garland and myself still locked in battle. The dissidia was over, and yet his words of an endless cycle of war pursued even into this new world. Things only kept getting worse. Each time a world was saved I would only be thrusted into a new one, with worse troubles. Forever Garland would follow me into this chaos.

However, I eventually came back to the one place I thought I had left behind.

“Wh-where am I?” I had asked, getting up from the hard ground. Something felt familiar about this place, but I was still a bit groggy.

“I’m sorry to have brought you back here, Paragon.” A voice spoke. Her tone sad, and her accent all too familiar.

“Cosmos..? What am I doing back here?” I asked, looking up at her. The Goddess’s golden hair, white dress, and radiant skin were all too familiar. Even the sadness in her eyes were something I had seen all too often.

“I had no choice in the matter. The Dissidia has begun anew against my will.” She admitted, looking away. I stayed silently listening to her, my helm laying at my feet and my sword sheathed. “I… you were the only one I knew I could trust, and your ties to this world are strong enough that you were fated to return, even if I could no longer summon your previous allies.” Cosmos explained, looking back up to me.

I brought myself down onto a knee and bowed before her. “I shall protect you as I did before. While neither of us want this, we must make do with what we have.” I promised, looking back up to her. “But if we cannot bring forth my old allies, then who shall join us?” I asked.

Cosmos merely pointed behind me. As I turned I saw six other warriors still unconscious. They all looked very different from each other, much like my first companions did. Some wore robes, others basic cloth, and even one dressed as some form of scientist. There was even a small child among us, much like before.

“Try not to make too many similarities between them and the Warriors of Old.” Cosmos suggested, as if she were reading my mind. Perhaps my thoughts were predictable, but she was right none-the-less. No matter what they were like, this was a new Dissidia and must be treated as such.

“The war won’t start for a while. Come, tell me of your journeys O’ Knight.” Cosmos invited, scooting to the side of her bench-like throne and patting the seat beside her. Upon hesitating she nodded, assuring me that it would be alright, so I agreed at sat beside her. My journey through the “real” world, the one our Dissidia was copied from, intrigued her greatly.


It felt like weeks that we would sit there and talk before the other warriors would arise. As they awoke she ushered me to stand beside them, thus our pleasantries had to come to an end.

“Warriors, are you all awake?” Cosmos asked after a few moments.

“Ugh, yeah…” One swiftly responded, despite his voice being that of a groggy drawl. He was wearing strange attire, with his leather armor shaped into that of basic cloth and some kind of silvery, wood handled object hanging from his hip. “Where am I..?” He asked, looking around.

“I’m sorry to drag you from your homes like this, but such was not of my control. I could only pick who, not when or why.” Cosmos apologized, doing best to hold her sadness inside her. I could hear how tired she was, regardless of whether anyone else was fooled.

“Well you can start by explaining what we’re doing here.” A quiet man spoke. He wore a long robe and his ears spiked out to the side like that of an Elf. However there was an odd object in his grasp that was shaped similarly to a crossbow, yet smaller and without any way to shoot forth a bolt or arrow.

“I was just shunted to a new world and I’m still stuck with you.” Another man spoke, who I assumed to be his partner. He was dressed in a more casual attire, and wielded a strange drill-like object and some form of sword with a chained edge.

“You are all here for war, I’m afraid. However you are protectors first and foremost, as this world is threatened by forces of destruction.” She admitted, looking down for a moment before back to us. “Please try not to be angry with me, I only wish for the best to come of all of this.”

“You strip us of our home and then beg for forgiveness. How pathetic.” The casually dressed man spoke, taking up his chainsword and drill before beginning to walk off. However, one of the girls stood before him with what seems to be a ceremonial staff in hand.

“We should at least here her out!” She told him, standing in his way. Another girl came to her side and held up a bladed disc in the shape of the moon to him as well. However the warrior forced them both aside, walking past and into the world.

“Please do not chase after him. I can do naught to force his trust, but I can at least try to appease your good natures.” She begged.

“While I’m not happy about the situation, I can’t say running away from it would do any good.” The man in leather attire pointed out, taking out some form of paper stick and setting it ablaze with a match.

“Besides,” He begun again, blowing out a puff of smoke, “The least we can do is see why you’ve decided that we’d be appropriate for the job.”

“Thank you, ranger. As I was saying, you have all been brought into a world of war to try and calm a god similar to myself, at once much different.” She explained. “Many troubles will be in your path, but you may always come back here if you need to recover and learn more about the world.”

“Oh, hohoho, but that would be too easy? What fun is discovering things if you already know the answers?” The scientist spoke, her voice filled with joy and excitement.

“Though it is easy in a different way. What holds us back from simply picking off these opposing forces you mentioned?” The robed man asked, ignoring the scientist’s joy.

“Crystal beings known as “Manikins” exist in this world. They are like copies of us, yet their minds are set only to the destruction of the world. Additionally our foes are powerful, at least as much as we are if not more.” I explained, catching an unhappy look from the group as a whole.

“No matter.” The ‘ranger’, as Cosmos called him, broke the silence. “So we gotta fight ourselves, it ain't no different than what any other man would have to do. So long as we make this world is safe I’m sure returning home can’t be that hard.” He pointed out. It almost pained me knowing how naive he was to the whole situation, but I also knew that nothing could be said. But there was one thing I could say instead.

“How much of your home do you even remember?” I asked, looking over to him.

“Why would I forget it! Why back home I…” He started, before looking confused.

“Your memories will come to you in time.” Cosmos spoke, nodding. “You’ve just came from your home to a far off world, it’ll take a while for your mind to get used to the changes.”

“How fascinating!” The scientist spoke gleefully, pulling out some sort of device and pressing her fingertips onto it. The noises it made were foreign to me, but also reminded me of lands that may no longer exist here. Lands tied to the warriors of old.

“No matter. If it is to come in time then I’ll scout out the area until I can fully recover.” The robed man announced, starting to walk off. I looked over to Cosmos and she merely nodded.

“The rest of you may as well follow suit. There’s still time to relax before the world begins to move, and I suggest you use that time to get used to your surroundings.” She suggested. “And please… be safe.” She added as her voice faded.

As the others left me and one of the girls stayed behind. Her staff and kimono gave her the most out-of-place appearance out of us all, but something about her seemed to go beyond her innocent looks.

“Why do you remain?” I asked, looking over to her.

“I-I am a shrine maiden, sir.” She answered, her bravado from before having faded. “It’s my job to protect the gods, both here and back home.”

“We do not need-”

“It’s alright, she may stay. Perhaps it is not a bad thing to have two people watching me in my weakened state.” Cosmos explained, interrupting me.

“As you wish, my lady. But what of the others?” I replied, looking over to the Goddess.

“They should be left alone to do their own work. In due time we shall see what comes of them.” Cosmos answered, resting on her seat. If time is what she needs than I will give it to her, but if this war is to be as the last than we much be careful with how much time we have.

After a moment of silence the young girl spoke to us. “So your Cosmos, and he’s a warrior like us, right?” She asked, looking over.

“Indeed.” I replied. “What about you?”


“He’s asking for your name.” Cosmos translated, making me feel a bit awkward.

“Oh. I’m Dahlia! Shrine maiden to the Delta Spirits!” She answered in pride, holding her staff to her in a rather excited manner.

“Delta spirits?” I asked, looking over to her.

“Fulmen, Glaciem, Ingis! Show yourselves!” She shouted, slowly spinning the tip of her staff in the air. As she did it glowed first yellow, then blue, and finally red as three large elementals came out. All three consisted of naught but arms, torso, and a head - but each were made of an element relating to their element: lightning, ice, and fire, respectively.

“What are these?” I asked, drawing my sword and holding my shield at the ready.

“These are the Delta Spirits, those who I am sworn to protect!” She answered as I felt Cosmos tell me to put my sword down. I nodded and sheathed my sword, relaxing my stance as the spirits departed.

“So these spirits, they keep you from harm?” I asked.

At first she looked off to the side before taking a deep breath and replying, “Yes and no. We both protect each other. I defend their shrine, and in turn they defend me. Without the shrine they disappear into the Farplane, and without them I’d… well, there wouldn’t really be much for me, would there?” She explained, looking down.

“Do not worry, child. Nothing will come of them here.” Cosmos assured. “In this world they are tied to you, rather than any object.”

“What do you mean?” Dahlia asked, turning to Cosmos.

“When your journey begins you’ll know. However I haven’t the energy to explain in detail at this time.” Cosmos answered, her voice sincere.

“What do you mean you haven’t-” Dahlia began, though I cut her short.

“She means what she says. Her power is being used to keep an aura of discord from overpowering this world.” I explain.

“Oh, sorry.” She apologized. “But… still, I would like to find out some day.”

“This war is still young. You should go discover it for yourself, but remember to come back before things get dangerous. Having both of you here to defend me once the soldiers of destruction make their move would be safest for us all.” Cosmos explained, motioning for Dahlia to go. The two exchanged glances for a moment before the young girl got an excited expression.

“Oh, thank you! I’ll come back right away!” She exclaimed before rushing out of the shrine. Cosmos then scooted back over as I sat next to her, and then we simply relaxed and waited for things to come.

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The infinite cycle of war. Many are caught in it, in one form or another, as it devastates the universe. Conflict and strife rage throughout, unfettered by those who stand to end it. As the physical manifestation of that cycle I would know better than all else. That fool may not understand the situation he and I are caught in, but I know better than anyone else that such a war cannot be escaped.

However, even though we chased each other through the world, it all came back to where it first began.


As I got up and looked around, at first I thought that this was merely the shrine from my home world. However, something was amiss. It looked more decrepit and fragile than I remembered. Then I saw the others lying upon the floor, and I knew that the Dissidia was not yet done with us.

“It seems someone else has awoken.” I heard a feminine voice call out. Looking over I saw a robed figure leaning against the wall, her hood covering her face.

“Usually I’m the first to arise, and yet here you are.” I called back, walking towards her.

“I’m used to the dark. Sleep does not keep me for long, and neither will this cage I’ve been put in.” She explained, a black cloud floating beneath her robes.

“So you are aware, then.” I speculated, looking back to the others.

“As a marionette bred for war I know a gathering of soldiers when I see it. And yet something about you gives me the feeling that you are the same way.” She replied, her eyes shining at a soft amber glow as she gazed to me from beneath her hood.

“You are a good judge of character. However I think we both know what may happen if the full truth was known to the others.” I explained, worry growing under my helm. If she could see right through me, even after having just woken up, then what else could she find out?

She nodded in response, following with; “Agreed. There’s no need to make the other peons panic just yet.” I took my place back on the throne of the old shrine, scanning across my new allies. I didn’t expect any of my former companions to return, nor did I want them to. That said, I could already tell that some members of this group would be trouble if left on their own for too long.

Out of them I noticed a wolfman, a swordsman, some kind of barbarian, and two other mages. I was thankful that we were not as filled with magic-dependant warriors this time around, but instead a bit worried that we may have a lack of them. I hadn’t a way of knowing what kind of magic they used, just that they emitted a power that most others could not see.

Finally, however, they started to awaken. One by one each of them climbed up onto their feet, groggy and confused. Save, of course, for one.

“Where has that witch Destiny brought me now?” One of the mages asked. Like the lady in the back he too was robbed, but his was browned and embroidered by an emblem upon both his chest and back and had silver trimming along his sleeves and bottom; unlike her flat, black cloth.

“Like it matters.” The wolfman spoke, “All I care about is getting the fuck out of here.” He looked around, balling up his hands in a way so that his claws wouldn’t pierce his skin.

“Well returning to your homes will be quite easy.” I spoke, standing up from the throne. “All we need to do is just take out the one holding you here.”

“Tell me where he is and I’ll crunch his face off!” The wolfman replied, stepping forward.

“Cosmos, Goddess of Harmony. When you leave this place and enter the main world you’ll see a tower. She resides there.” I explain, with the wolfman starting to walk off. “However, it will not be that easy. She has summoned soldiers, all of equal power to us, to hinder our paths.”

“The more I get to kill the better!” The barbarian spoke, gripping onto his axe.

“That is not all. There are also manikins, crystallized version of every warrior who have crossed these lands, that stand between us and them.”

“And how are they an issue?” The robbed man spoke, looking over to me.

“Simple: they also possess the powers of those they mimic, as well as a mindset centered around using those powers in pure, unadulterated brutality.” I reply.

“Like I said, the more for me to kill the better! Barbarus cannot be copied by some overgrown shards of glass!” The barbarian spoke, laughing as he and the wolfman walked out of the shrine.

“There’s no need for a tool to sit idly in it’s box.” The girl mentioned as she left, followed by most of the others. However, one of them remained. A swordsman dressed in leather armor and decorative cloth seemed to murmur to himself.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked, walking past him.

“A sign, sir. A sign as to why I was caught up with this lot.” He replied, walking alongside me.

“You needn’t worry about them.” I assured. “Just do what needs to be done.” As I walked off I could feel him glaring at me. Soon he’d see his sign, though. After all, it is to be a long and bloody war.

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Two warriors, travellers of worlds, are sent to the Dissidia. Though they realize that the universe is full of life and variety they begin to grow wary of their jobs as peacekeepers. Kevoriaz, a warrior based around his industrial prowess, wavers in the face of this new world and it’s demands of loyalty in the face of unknown allies.


How typical. Not only do I get shot into another world, but this time they expect me to take part in some war that I have nothing to do with. Who is this goddess and what’s her game?

No matter, the only thing that worries me is Zeverex being summoned alongside myself. Our history is certainly nothing to talk about, but if he knows of my presence then it won’t be long till he suspects my intent. While I have no intentions to immediately turn on him this time, I have even less of a reason to take part in this inane conflict until I know it’s true nature.

Still, those two girls that tried to stop me. Why did they? What could they accomplish in keeping me there? Or are they just naive children? If they are children then why would they be summoned to war? Perhaps people could get away with creating child armies where I come from, but I find much of the universe is more sophisticated than that.

Either way it’s not my place to trust either side until I know for sure what I’m getting into. Until then I’m left with just my desire to explore this world and it’s “wonders.”


As I walked along the grasslands outside of the place I awoke I find it to be oddly peaceful, despite what was said about our enemies being great in numbers. It was rare that I’d get a moment to myself like this, a moment to think.

Though as I headed northward, towards the shore, I found myself in the presence of odd, crystalline creatures. They looked like people, but they behaved more like zombies. Shambling around and searching for something. Perhaps a meal?

I decided to approach one, fueled by curiosity, only to find one having pulled out two curved short swords on me. They were made of the same glass-like material as the rest of him, but were razor sharp like actual blades. I gripped onto the saw and drill at my side, holding out my hand to it.

“I’m not here to hurt you, only to see what you are.” I told it, almost catching a blade to my face as it charged me. It’s movements were odd, a straight charge followed by some sword of flying strike. I was prepared for the charge, but the upward slash caught me off-guard. As it hit me it was able to seamlessly fuse the blades together, following up with a spinning slash.

What is this thing? Why does it attack without warning? I found myself thinking, recovering from the spinning strike in time to draw my combat arms. Perhaps if I underestimated his aggression, he may underestimate the appearance of my weapons.

“If that is how it shall be then give me your all!” I taunted, revving up both weapons as I held their katar-type handles. The monkey-tailed creature darted through the air, barely missing me as I slid under and rammed my saw up into it. The pieces of crystal merely reformed however, almost as if it had some sort of organic healing factor.

It leaped off the air and threw it’s blades down, catching me again as they slashes through me. Though it was painful, for some reason I possessed the same healing factor it did in this world. But when it followed through with some sort of beam attack I wasn’t able to heal from it. At that point I realized that only our strongest of skills may work on these things. At that point I baited a hit, taking it as it chased after me.

“Fool.” I found myself blurting out, dodging to the side of it’s attack and then countering with an electrically charged drill strike. It shatters as the drill and electricity tore through the beast, sending glass-like shards everywhere.

I then fell to the floor and picked up the crystal shard, pulling down my goggles to examine it. Weirdly enough it seemed primarily organic, as if it was once a living person. Though how something of glass or crystal could be mobile in the first place was beyond me.

Then I remembered that I had seen others, and turned around to witness one of these creatures carrying a massive sword. I readied my weapons again, seeing another one with a more feminine form standing behind it.

One of these was hard enough, but two!? This is insanity! I couldn’t help but to shout in my head, feeling electricity surge through me. That’s right… it must of been that electrical storm that brought us here. I wonder if I can utilize it? I pondered, focusing the energy into myself.

As the two came at me I tried to use the electrically charged drill technique from before, but the energy wouldn’t come out. Instead I simply found myself punching the swordsman, instinctively carrying it into a spinning saw strike that knocked the other girl away as well.

So it seems that I need to charge up energy for moves like that by attacking them. Interesting. I realized, wondering what else I needed for these new powers. Nevertheless I leaped into the air and chased after him, able to use my electrified drill technique this time.

As I came back down I heard the sounds of a high-powered rifle, turning over to see the other girl be torn asunder by whatever it had shot. Unfortunately I knew exactly who had fired the rifle.

“Are you sure running off like that was a wise choice?” Zeverex asked, walking towards me as his rifle shrunk back down to it’s regular size. We never did figure out why it’s able to reshape itself, but neither of us really mind.

“Are you sure believing these strangers is a wise choice?” I asked in retort, turning back to my on-and-off partner. “After all, they were the ones who trapped us here.”

“Our job is to aid those in need, is it not?” Zeverex asked, glaring at me. “Will you again abandon the prime directive for the sake of appeasing your own paranoia?”

“Not until I know which side is truly in danger. And if I do you shall be the first to know, I’m sure.” I answered, making sure to follow up with the appropriate level of sarcasm.

He grunted, realizing that I’d cornered him, and walked past me further north. “It’s strange how small this place seems at times, isn’t it?” He asked, looking across our known surroundings. “I can imagine that we’ll be able to see our initial landing zone from any part of the world as things stand now.”

“Perhaps.” I replied, stepping beside him. “And yet at the same time the world is always at its smallest when you don’t know what’s truly out there.” I added on, putting away my weapons and taking off my goggles. I could hear him chuckling despite how noisy my weapons can be, much to my silent irritation.

"I have no doubt in my mind that our clashing personalities is probably why we were paired up." Oh god not this speech again. "Still, I hope you understand why it is that we must show faith in our apparent allies for now, do you not?"

"Perhaps, in part, but it is still my nature to examine everything before taking a side. You know this." I remind him, tiring of such talk. He looks as if he wishes to speak further, but we have traveled together long enough for that tone to be plenty recognizable.


It wasn’t long before we had hit the shore. I’d estimate a couple hours, if I had to. The waters seemed as dark and brooding as the rest of the world, as if it’d seen naught but war for thousands of years. It all seemed so familiar, like many of the other worlds we visited. This one was different, though. It seemed much more sinister, with its waves splashing a diluted white as they came in from the indigo seas.

“This place is rather empty, surprisingly enough.” Zeverex pointed out, dropping his formal tone from earlier. “Even the Manikins we saw earlier were all but abundant.”

“Is that what those are called? Strange name, but I suppose it makes sense given their nature.” I replied, my question entirely rhetorical.

“Still, it's not much of a great war if there’s nothing around.” Zeverex mused, crouching down to feel the ocean waves crash against his hand.

“Generals without soldiers. That’s what we are. And it disturbs me quite a bit, especially considering that this world is smaller than what either of us are used to.” I pointed out, fiddling with my spaulder. “Especially since our gliders don’t seem to be working at the moment.”

“It’s curious that they won’t activate. Still, maybe they just need to recharge.” He pointed out. It’s true, the gliders do have a limited charge and need solar energy to keep going, but it was rare that they’d completely shut down.

Still, our walkabout kept us along the coastline. With such an empty world it made me wonder what used to be here. Perhaps our call here was some kind of trap.

“This seems far too odd.” I mention, walking along the coast. “Perhaps we should investigate separately.” I offer, turning back to Zeverex.

“Indeed. Besides, we’re on the same side so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.” He replied, a tinge of distrustful sarcasm in his statement.


Along the coast we come across a bridge, with me crossing it northward and Zeverex continuing west along the coast. Though the world was small, the emptiness made it seem much larger than it actually was. Even with the Manikin attacks that happen every now-and-then it was a lonely place.

“What could have caused this?” I asked myself, and as if to answer my question, a voice called back from behind me.

“No doubt that witch Cosmos and her bloody war.” A man spoke, his voice olden and rugged. Yet still, there seemed to be a smooth aura about him.

“Who’s there?” I ask, turning around to see a man in brown robes with an emblem embroidered upon his chest and silver trimming along his sleeves and bottom.

“Merely a man looking out for others.” He spoke, walking towards me. I drew my combat arms in a readied position, but he remained in a calm neutral stance. “There is no need for that,” He continued, “I merely wish to talk.”

“Then speak, I have all day.” I assure, refusing to replace my tools. The cloaked man shook his head at this display, however his lack of any true response was as unnerving as his sudden appearance; if not more so.

“We are in a world of pure strife. I am from such a world, but that one does not believe in the folly of having protection of gods and the promise of peace.” He began, catching my interest. “Worlds like this will not know peace until their inevitable destruction. I’m sure you know this, Traveller.”

“Such worlds are not unfamiliar to me, but how do you know of my stasis as a traveller?” I ask, tightening up my stance.

“I, too, am a traveller. Ones such as us find it quick to identify each other with such elegant and alien emblems embrazzelled upon our cloth.” He answered, a faint smirk visible beneath his hood. At which point I remembered: my spaulder isn’t exactly custom made. It’s one they give to many of our Order. “Worry not Traveller, in this world we are all drifters. Your secret shalt not leave this planet.”

It felt as though his eyes met mine even though I could not see them, causing me to back away a step. It was no doubt he noticed this by the way he laughed; old and gruff as his tone, yet still hearty like a man half his age.

“Traveller, allow me to show you one thing. Then I shall be rid of your way.” He explained, offering a hand. He knew very well I wouldn’t take it, from the looks of things, but I still cautiously approached.


He soon brought me to a peninsula looking out upon the ocean, pointing to a raging volcano in the far corner of the world. “Thus you seek is the Land of Discord. Within lies the truth of this world. Find it, and the world’s answers shall be yours…”

“...So that’s it? I just travel to the edge of the world and I magically gain whatever knowledge I need?” I ask, understandably paranoid of the situation as I draw my tools again. I’m sure he noticed the moment they left their sheaths, but the iconic whirl of the drill and saw would be enough to change his aloof attitude.

“...You dare bite the hand that feeds?” He asked, the emblem on his back beginning to glow a sinister red. With a slow motion he begins to hover a half-foot off the ground and turns to face me.

“You’re arrogance shall be your destruction!” He utters, flames crawling along his robe from the emblems on both his front and back. He swings one arm towards me, nearly singeing my hair off in a diagonal shave. Though my attempt to counter with a side step is interrupted with a sudden gust of wind from his other hand.

“Fusion Art: Lightning!” He shouts upon feeling contact, the flames and winds circling around me before converging into an electrical maelstrom that sends me down to one knee. Though, thankfully, I play with electricity as well. He seemed to gain a surprised look as the electricity forms down into my tools, attempting again with my drill thrust. However he casted up another gust of wind with a quick spin of his arms. I manage to twirl myself to the side in time to evade, having to dodge in sequence as his other arm quickly rose, both now in the air, as blasts of dirt erupted in my path.

Wait a minute...

“Fusion Art: Ash!” He announced, collapsing both arms down in a quick drop to the ground. Suddenly both the winds and the dirt he casted aloft circled around in a fine powder, blinding me and attempting to seep through my nostrils. I find myself doing nothing but coughing up the ash as he calmly stands back up, seeping water from the ground and dancing it around himself.

“F-*cough*-Fool!” I shout, blasting a beam of electricity at the water wave. He wrapped it in a shield in front of himself in reply, however - despite not actually holding it - he seemed hurt by the attack; starting to crumble beneath it.

“Extreme Art: Ice!” He replied, forming the water barrier into a sizeable icicle and punching it forward at me. As this one flew at incredible speeds it pierced my leg in a poorly-timed dodge, causing me to fall and spin out a bit.

My blood feels… cold… I find myself thinking, breathing heavily as I tried to stand. Once I finally regain the strength I’m met with the flaming sword from before, hovering inches from my face and just over my shoulder. However, one of his arms looked limp as the burning runes from before were rather faint over it. No matter how much I was injured, his own damage seems to match.

“While worthy, to end you now would be wasteful.” He assured, his breath much calmer than mine despite the visible damage.

Was he more accustomed to battle than I? Before I could ask I find his body fade away to dust.

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This world is far from my own. Though it, too, is a world of violence, then again it has wars fought by mercenaries and conscripts. Here it may not even be right to call us soldiers. “Gladiators” is the vibe I’m getting from this world. We weren’t meant to be together, probably not even meet each other, and our teamwork will show it.


As we descended from that dark shrine and down the mountain the warriors mingle amongst themselves. Though legitimate conversation is nobody’s interest, we are smart to gauge each other’s powers. A barbarian, a reluctant knight, a cruel magus, a beastman, and a sickly child. Then there’s the marionette, me.

“Girl! What makes you leader?” The knight spoke. The one back at base was much more tolerable, I could tell already.

“Nobody else took the lead.” I answered. “The sooner we win the sooner we go home.”

“Then step aside.” He ordered, grabbing my arm and yanking me back. I didn’t react, but It wasn’t planning on dealing with such things as It lifted Its claw and gripped onto his arm.

“What in-” He started, getting thrown off to the side by It.

“...Please don’t touch me.” I murmur. Why am I so shy again, and why can’t I control it? What happened to me? My training?

“D-Demon spawn!” He shouted, drawing his swords and charging me. I hold my arm forth, but It didn’t respond to my command. Instead of forming a shield like I had asked, tendrils shot out and attempted to rip through him.

“Stop…” I whisper, only able to watch as It ignored my commands and fought of it’s own accord. The knight cut down the tendrils, his swords blinding me in sacred light. I hold my arm to cover the one opening in my robes to shield myself from them, feeling the pains of It being cut down and reverberating back on me.

“STOP!” I cry out, unable to handle the pain after so long without any form of true opposition. Or… maybe this world makes me weak somehow? It’s hard to say. All I know is the only thing that had kept me from being cut down was the clashing sounds of steel.

“If we fight now then they will win for sure.” An unfamiliar voice spoke in front of me. I lowered my robes to see who it was, and another robed figure had a shield extended from his sleeves. However it slowly faded into soot as embers fell from it, falling alongside his arm as it slowly lowered.

“He is right, and the sooner I get home the better.” The wolf-man spoke, transforming into a large dire wolf and darting off towards the desert to the distance. These lands are sparse, and lacking of direction. However I saw a more expansive continent on the other side of the great desert, so perhaps if we head there then things should work better in our favor.

Still, what is with that scrawny man? He hadn’t spoken a word since we arrived. Letting the knight take the lead, I fall back to speak to him as he seemed to shamble along.

“Who… are you?” I ask, still oddly timid.

“...hoohoo…” He cooed back, similarly to an owl.

“What’re you doing here?” I ask again, feeling It grow agitated beneath my robes.

“...blood…” He replied, his bright red eyes gazing at me. It started to show its dark influence, reaching out along the ground. I command It to stop, and slowly It pulled away from him. If this is to be our army against whatever awaits ahead, I fear for the outcome.


Soon we hit the desert, though our differences in opinion continue to drive us apart. How fitting that I would be surrounded by monsters. It feels as though I was build more for this world than my home.

How disgusting.

It’s a thought I shouldn’t be thinking, but it’s the only one that comes to mind regarding my situation. It’s true, though. The “leader” of our group abandons us into the world, half of our team seems to only care about destruction, and the other half is atrociously detached from the war that it’s hard to even guess at why they’re here. In fact, I don’t even know why I’m here.

Does it really matter, though? I am but a marionette bred for war. One such as I has no place questioning the will of her Lord. But then why can’t I control It? Where did my power over It go when I entered this world?

My thoughts are cut off by the sounds of war. No… not war, violence. Unadulterated violence as the crystalline beasts mentioned by our Commander are shattered apart one-by-one between each member of our group. The knight from before breaking them apart with his sacred light, the ruthless barbarian crashing them into each other, and the wolfman having undergone his transformation into a Dire Wolf merely continues to charge through them.

By my side stood another robed figure, uncaring of the violence, and the scrawny man from before. Between the three of us we allow the brutes to do the fighting, continuing our march along the desert continent.

“...The Tower of Babel.” The knight spoke suddenly as we reached a large tower amidst the center of the desert. I doubt it is the actual tower our Commander spoke of, but I darest not question him. He walks towards the tower, but finds that it has no entrance. Instead a “gateway” of sorts stands before it.

“...I shall catch up with you. Leave me for now.” He speaks, with no objections on my end. Whatever this crazed knight believes, I shan’t stand between him and his goal. And thus we indeed continue along, with It keeping me safe as the more kill-happy members of our party start to falter behind as well.

The desert is combing with these monsters, after all. It is almost as if they spawn here, waiting for either our Forces of Discord to leave our home, or for the “heroes” of this false goddess to venture out into our lands.

It matters not which is the truth, however.


Only the vast land bridge to the southern continent remains, but I sense an odd presence. Something powerful is headed towards us, or at least just guarding the gate. It’s not another warrior, not like us. A presence of some kind. The narrow land of discord and the vast realm of harmony. How ironic that the “World of Balance” has more potential to breed chaos than our “World of Ruin.”

Yet I do not know why these names for the two continents come to mind.

It was then that I noticed something. My allies had left me, all but that strange owl man. He seemed to be asking me for protection, almost. With all of these powerful warriors and wizards here, what’s this weak creature doing among us? Or, perhaps, he is pretending to be weak.

“Can you speak, stranger?” I asked, turning back to him. However, the strange man only looked at me for a moment.

“...Yes…” He answered in a whispy voice. It seems difficult for him to talk, but it’s indeed possible.

“Why is it you follow me, but the rest have already left?” I ask further as we walk across the bridge to Cosmos’s domain. However, it gave me no answer. Such a strange man, if it truly is a man. Though instead it pointed to the end of the bridge, where I was met with one of Cosmos’s warriors already.

A young girl stood at the end of the bridge, holding what seemed to be metallic and… almost decorative recreations of the sun and the moon. She seemed relax despite the glare in her eyes, but It was on edge. This girl… did her celestial blades carry the powers of their counterparts?

“Soldiers of destruction, you shall not pass along this bridge!” She stated simply, holding her sun up to me. It writhed in my body, unwilling to come out but unable to control its anger. The Owlman behind me seemed to be seeping blood from his cheeks all of a sudden, coming out as a fine mist.

“Take another step and I will force you back myself!” She ordered, her solar ring beginning to glow white. It couldn’t be contained much longer at this rate.

“I wish not to fight.” I explain, stopping where I am. This is just outside of It’s range.

“It matters not! Back to the desert with you!” She answered, her lunar blade glowing a soft indigo. As the bloody mist starts to seep past me the rings flew towards it, It knocking the one of shadow away as the one of light flew past and got stuck in a condensed blood mist.

“Owl! Retreat your blood! This is not our fight!” I order back, looking over to see the two blades returning to her. She leaps forward like a cyclone lifting into the air, throwing her ring of darkness towards us again. It was tired of these shenanigans, catching the blade and throwing forward multiple copies of it along with the original back to the user.

This girl… she wields both dawn and dusk, nothing out of sync or balance. As her darkness cuts through the air her sacred light beams down to disrupt It’s unholy power. It was unable to pull itself out of the ground while that light shined upon it, but perhaps….

I darted forward, catching her lunar blade and swinging it forth. She brought up her ring of darkness, slipping down beneath me to shine the light of the ground, forcing It to lay down behind me.

Owl did not merely watch. No, he is far more calculating than I had anticipated. As we came so close to each other the wound left from her light assault started forming mist blood as well, ensnaring us both in chains of blood.

“Stoooop!” Owl hissed, walking towards us. He’s lost a fair bit of blood, but he’s incredibly pale as is so it’s hard to tell just how much at any given time. The girl was oddly calm, as if this was not an issue for her. Actually, where were her rings?

My question was answered as they came forth and cut through her bonds, sending the artistic soldier back to the end of the bridge. It was clear to me that she was running low, but she was good at keeping her stance. This girl is something else entirely, and pushing may cause It to take over.

Nothing like her existed in my world. Such grace and power in concert was unusual to me, though the misty blood floating around even more so. Part of me wanted to run, but both It and Owl would be unwilling to join me.

Besides, a marionette must do as she is ordered.

Both Owl and I advanced, though, something odd happened with that blood mist. The rings again came forth towards us, but the blood hardened and held them in place. The scrawny man suddenly had an intense look in his eye.

“...Enough…” He hissed out, the blood hardening more into tendrils not unlike Its as they shot forward, causing the girl to retreat more as her rings spun in a near perfect defense.

She was at the end of the bridge, nowhere left to run but into this supposed ‘World of Balance.’ I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but now it felt like all that was left was to push her back for good.

“You will go no further!” She shouted, instead charging forth. This wasn't a charge of bravery, but one of fear and desperation. I could tell that her resolve was more akin to a cornered animal than that of a hero.

So many times have I seen this look. ‘Monster!’ ‘Demon!’ Those words rang in my mind as I saw her rip and tear though the blood, only to realize all too late why she should have kept the light shining down on us.

With one swipe from Its clawed hand this girl was send soaring into the black ocean, allowing me and Owl to cross. I felt something grow stronger inside me, unnaturally so, as I watched her struggle in those seas.

Owl’s mist seemed to retreat back inside of him as the wound sealed itself up. There was something inherently wrong about this man, the way he could control that blood and carried himself with such little regard for any life; including his own.

Still, our first job was done. The bridge way was open for our companions, and so I must continue my march. I feared Owl’s presence, but he needed to be watched. He would cause unnecessary violence like the others, but on a whole new scale.

It quivered in joy from finally getting to eliminate someone, but I could feel It wanting to size up against Owl as well. I fear for the day It gets that chance.

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Just when you think that things are all calming down they only kick up to be even more crazy. Next thing you know you’re dumped into some strange room with people all dressed funny and someone claiming to be a goddess asking you to save the world.

Life’s funny like that I suppose.


So now here I am, walking along this grassland wondering what it is that I’m even supposed to be doing. Sure these manikins are annoying, but they at least keep me from growing bored. I did notice that I don't seem to run out of bullets here, strangely enough. Or, at the very least, I don’t remember having this much ammo on me.

Still, can’t exactly say I’m unaccustomed to wandering like this. If anything, this place reminds me of my days as a ranger. Wandering about the wastelands in search of whatever outlaw hideout is stuck in some rocky crag or hole in the sand.

Actually, if what that goddess says is true, I’m just doing the same shit I did as a ranger. Only difference being that the bandits aren’t so keen on my wallet, and I don’t have to save up my money for gunpowder.

Honestly, I’m thinking of trying to make bullets using these crystal shards. I doubt anything would come of it, but it could be interesting to try out.


“Hey kid!” I hear someone call it. I turn to face the voice, and it’s coming from some muscular dude who seems to have forgotten his shirt and shoes. Weirdly, he’s carrying some anchor-lookin’ sword at his side.

“Yeah, you. What’re you doing wandering about like this?” He asked, sitting down and resting the sword beside him.

“Well, some lady in a white dress told me to go mosey on through this place and scout the area. Something about a war, soldiers, and whatever else have you.” I answered, sitting down next to him. “Honestly it all sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me, but it’s always been my job to play peace keeper.”

“Guess that’s all started up again, then.” He replied, giving a hearty laugh. “Wonder if my cry baby of a son is back here again.”

“Familiar with this whole set up, then?” I asked, pulling out a cig and lighting it. I thought to offer it, but then again I don’t know how easy it is to find tobacco around here.

“Yeah, not my first time running through the cycles. Honestly, I thought they ended a while ago, but I guess not.” He answered, casually waving away what little smoke ended up being blown towards him.

That’s the funny thing about smoke. No matter where you stand, it always ends up in your face. Anyone else ever notice that? There can be not a single inch of wind blowing around, and it’ll still follow ya.

“Got any info you wanna give to a drifter who just wandered in, then?”

“Yeah, train hard. Thankfully manikins are good for that, but you never know when something is gonna come after ya. For all you know I could have came here to pick a fight, after all.” He teased, cracking his knuckles and grinning wildly.

“I ain’t usually one fer fightin’, honestly. But hell, these things don’t really know when to quit. Act more like a pack o’ coyotes than people.” I brought up, noticing a few meandering around. Seems we caught the attention of one of them, but then something real odd happened.

See, this one had some weird hairdo and robes that made him look like he was supposed to be some kinda king, and he threw out this orange ball. Didn’t move too fast, but it did start slowly walking towards us.

Then this guy gets up, picking up that big sword of his, and just stands there. Now I’m watching this whole thing go down, and wondering to myself “What the hell is he doing?”

Well he just backhands that big, orange ball and it starts floating slowly on back towards it’s summoner. Now the Manikin, being a Manikin, wasn’t too bright. So he just starts summoning these little balls and bits around himself like a minefield.

Then this big, orange ball of his taps him and explodes like a case of TNT. Next thing I know there are shards everywhere, my hat’s out of arm’s reach, and this guy’s sitting back down like it’s nothing.

What’s worse is the first thing he says after all of this.

“Like I said, you never know when something’s gonna come after ya.”

The hell kind of a follow up is that? I’ve heard of nonchalant, but this is just crazy.

“No kidding.” Was all I could think to say in response. “How’d you do that, anyhow?”

“Simple, I’m the best. And when you’re the best, you don’t need to worry about things like that.” He responded. Can’t even really say “answered”, honestly.

“Alright, jackass. Can you reflect a bullet?” I ask, teasingly whipping out my pocket pistol.

“I’d be down to trying.” He grinning, getting up. I did the same, and we both stepped a fair bit away from each other. Honestly I can’t believe he’s serious, but apparently he is.

Now I’m standing here like a jackass, gun ready to be drawn, and gonna shoot a guy I just met. All because his big ol’ ego had to get the better of him.

“The hell am I doing?” Is the only thing I can think to myself.

Nonetheless I draw my pistol and fire like a pissed off rattler, and see it bounce off of the back of the guy’s hand and hit the dirt next to him.

Now I’m thinking to myself “The hell is going on?”, and wondering if I should just bail here and now. Course then the musclehead decides to ask me:

“Is that all you got?” At this point I’m getting pretty annoyed at this guy’s ego, so I just casually reload before kicking a rock forward, firing at it. He backhands for the rock, despite it not going near him, and gets caught with the bullet in his shoulder.

“Satisfied, amigo?” I asked, grinning as I reload my pea shooter.

“Nah, now I’m just raring for a real fight!” It was at that point, while he was charging me, that I realized I had made a mistake. All cause I had to take part in this muscle head’s pissing contest, too.

I saw his fist swing past me as I step just a touch out of the way, punching him in the side. He shrugs it off and headbutts me, following up with a jumping knee to my jaw.

I was in a fair bit of pain and seeing stars, but I swear for a half second I saw him shoot some kind of energy beam from his eyes. All I know is that I have this burning sensation from whatever he did and I was rolling along the ground.

Now I’m seeing this brute laughing as he just stands there, challenging me with his otherwise relaxed stance. While mama always taught me never to start a fight, pops made sure I knew how to end one.

I get up and charge at him, landing my fist into his jaw and quickly follow up with my other under his chin; quickly stringing in an elbow across that same jaw and knocking him back with a shoulder tackle.

Weirdly, despite getting sent away from me, that didn’t seem to harm him much. In fact, now that I think of it, that headbutt he delivered barely left a mark on me. Course, maybe that’s just the adrenaline.

“Now stay down, I ain’t here for an actual fight.” I order, aiming my pistol.

Man I need to upgrade this peashooter.

He just casually gets up, begins to seemingly fly through the air, and immediately cancels this strange airdash of his with another one of those insane backhands to reflect my bullet before continuing his charge.

I hop away from it, only to catch his toes poping me up into the air with him. Now what kind of insane combo he followed that up with doesn’t exactly register with me, as I’m fairly certain we aren’t supposed to have that kinda air time, but we were floating up there for some time.

Next thing I know this guy has me by the neck, dragging me into the dirt, and blasting me away with some kind of explosive originating from his palm. Doesn’t help that I ended up rolling across the dirt because of it.

“That’s all?” He asked, rolling his neck and shoulders. I wasn’t able to respond immediately, instead just coughing while getting up on my elbows.

“That’s a shame, I was hoping for a bit better. Guess these new warriors aren’t so tough after all.” He mused, walking off as he dragged that anchor of his in the dirt.

Now that I think about it, he never even used the damn thing on me.

“Who the hell are you to just come beating up people like that?” I asked, glaring up at him.

“Call me Sin.” He answered, looking over his shoulder. “My brat of a kid should understand what that means, if you see him.” He assured while walking off.

I certainly had more questions, but I figured laying on my back was probably a better move at the moment.

“He looks like that.” The man revealed, pointing to a manikin with some bubbly sword. One that was charging at me.

Course, a shot from my pistol, and it wasn’t a problem anymore.


Sin, huh? That’s not the kinda name you’re born with. That’s the name of a guilty man. I wonder what his crime is, and also what the hell he plans on doing here.

It was then that a thought hit me. He was long gone, so I couldn’t say anything, but the Manikin he claimed to look like his kid wasn’t one that I was familiar with. In fact, most of these Manikins look mighty unfamiliar to me. Having seen a fair bunch of them, I’d say none of them look like my allies just yet, and we were told they would.

How many lost souls have ended up here?

I’d ask the stars, but this night sky is as black as my morning cup of coffee.

...Ah hell, this world doesn’t have coffee, does it?

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These fools waste time. Barbarus thought to himself, smashing through the hordes of these crystalline foes he’s grown bored of. It was almost depressing how little of a challenge they put up beyond raw numbers. They don’t even bleed, which made it all the worse.

No, instead he gets stuck in this desert smashing through the manikin army as it tries to approach that odd volcano he was summoned to. It was all very disappointing to him.

“Begone already!” He shouted, crushing his axe into the nearest one. But no, these creatures were unrelenting.
Only good part about them, really.

The others of his company had already left Barbarus behind to deal with things, only that twink of a knight having hung back further than him. 
Barbarus was convinced this was meant as an insult to him, specifically.


“Is something the matter?” The dumb wizard asked beneath his brown robe. How dare he rely on magic, but still carry himself like a man!

“Hardly!” Barbarus replied, continuing to let out anger and frustration on any glass wimp that approached him.

“Are you bogged down by these, perhaps?” Stupid question from a stupid wizard.

“Shut up!” Barbarus threw one of the axes at the stupid wizard, the chains wrapped along his mighty arms unravelling. But no, that stupid wizard had to pull a vanishing act instead. However, this would simply allow Barbarus to sweep his axe across the heads of so many of these dumb pieces of glass.
Beheadings aren’t as fun when it’s just breaking glass, sadly.

Barbarus let out a roar of anger as the axe cleaved through so many of those glassy dickwads, finally clearing some space. A simple yank of the chain, and it returned to his hand.

“Are you quite done?” The wizard asked. Stupid wizard.

“Go away.” Barbarus ordered, walking off again.

“Oh, but I come bearing gifts.” Gifts certainly caught Barbarus’ attention. “Its come to my attention that there are hidden pathways across the world that would let us bypass both these Manikins,” what a stupid name, “and those who seek to defend the lone bridge that crosses between the two continents.”


“As you wish.” An obedient wizard is a tolerable wizard. “Come, it’s just this way.”


Thankfully the wizard shut his mouth after that, but the walk was still longer than Barbarus expected. Should he have his horse it would have been simple, but no. This world stole his sweet Rampage away from him. 

And for what? To force him to march like a conscript? How insulting!

This whole world was insulting!

Yet, this trip was indeed worth his time. A giant crystal stood in the middle of this desert, with a great tear in it. Big enough to walk through, and showing something was inside even. Even if magic was for the weak, a way to bring himself into the heart of his enemy sounded far more exciting.

A wide, crazed grin would be clearly visible on Barbarus’ face as he charged the crystal.

“Hold!” The wizard called forth, only to be ignored. This is no time to stop! This is time to attack! Hit them fast and early!
However, perhaps Barbarus should have listened.


Upon entering the crystal, he was blinded by a strange, magical light. Before Barbarus could understood what was going on, he found himself in some strange snowfield. Snow was not a favorite of his, especially due to wearing very little clothing.

“Who… are you?” A girl asked, catching Barbarus’ attention. Indeed, he looked up to see some child standing over him with some strange dress. 

“Barbarus.” He answered, getting up. This cold best go away on its own.

“Barbarus, huh? You, uh, fell out of that crystal.” She pointed out, looking up past him. There was another of those crystals there, standing proudly. So the dumb wizard was right, this was a convenient way to get around.

“What… happened?” The naive child asked. Truly this would be exciting.

“Crystal sent Barbarus here. Barbarus came to seek out enemies.” He announced, with the girl initially confused. However, it clicked what he meant when he quickly got up and slammed his axe into her, causing the foolish child to go falling into the snow.

That cry of pain was truly a pleasant ring, now. How disgusting that such things, things he would normally treat as common place, were now a delicacy.

“Glacium!” She called out, with the snow forming together to make a beast made from ice. “Your power is strong here! Please, make the most of this fact!”
Indeed, ice shot up around Barbarus. Ice that was so easily cleaved by his axes!

Snow did not bother him, he could simply shrug such things off!

This creature was pathetic and worthless!

Barbarus threw his axe at hit, only to see it pass through the creature like his foe was a mere illusion.

“Stupid witch!” Barbarus called out, realizing the best way to face such things was to go directly for the summoner. A yank of the chain and the axe would go flying off towards the witch instead, however something else appeared.

“Fulman!” She called out, electricity forming the shape of a legless man and sending its mighty current down the chains. This was no bother, however. The electricity gave Barbarus strength! It stimulated him!

Finally! A challenge!

“Ignis!” She called out, this time a beast of flame - a proper efreet - would be called forth. 

Its flaming hand jet forth, engulfing Barbarus as he tried to hack into it. This creature, too, seemed to not exist compared to his mighty blows.

That just means he only needed to go for the witch.

Barbarus threw his other axe towards the summoner as well, its chain unravelling like its brother’s had before, as the lightning beast caught that as well.

This pleased Barbarus.

He jumped forward, pulling both of the chains to launch himself straight towards the witch. A wall of ice came up to block him, but Barbarus merely shattered it with his iron skull. Flames and electricity bothers him not, but the ice was getting more and more irritating as he continued to stand around in this icy hell!

Just as he thought this witch was vulnerable, however, Barbarus was met with an unfriendly surprise. Those three spirits came together and knocked him away with a combined force of their fists. 

Barbarus would recover quickly from such a cowardly attack, however.

However, his chains came loose from this. Gathering his axes would be what they’d expect of him, too. 

It’s a trap worth diving head first into!

Barbarus made out into a run, grabbing one chain and wrapping it back around his arm. A wall of ice came up, and he yanked onto the chain. His axe, now stuck in the wall, would be his tool to turn those spirits against their master.

He dashed away from the wall, darting past pillars of flame as they appeared and allowing the electricity to fuel him. Being covered in burns and frost was simply his proof that this girl would make his first true kill on this world, and one of the funnest kills he ever had!

At that point another wall came up, and he felt the chain yank. Barbarus ran up the wall and kicked off of it, the chain wrapping around the wall made earlier. As he was “running away”, no attempt at closing off his “exit” was made. Instead, they merely tried to keep him from doubling back.

Such a foolish, naive child!

Barbarus threw himself off of the wall as the chain nearly wrapped around its first complete loop, letting go of the axe, and flew through the air at the girl.

He felt a rush of pleasure surged through him as those blasted spirits were too slow to react.

His fist came down on the witch with a satisfying “thud”, causing the spirits to convulse in pain, before they began attacking him again. But Barbarus ignored their attacks, instead continuing to pound their summoner into the now reddening snow.

A shot then rang out in the air, and Barbarus’ vision went white. He was pleased, however, because at least that witch was dead.

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      Name Effect AP CP (M) Ground Evasion On the ground, push R + X to dodge opponent's attack. 60 10 (5) Midair Evasion In the air, push R + X to dodge's opponent's attack. 60 10 (5) Ground Block On the ground, push R to guard against foe's attack. 40 10 (5) Midair Block In the air, push R to guard against foe's attack. 40 10 (5) Aerial Recovery When tumbling through the air, press X to break fall. 80 10 (5) Recovery Attack Press O or SQUARE to attack while flying through air. Aerial Recovery must be enabled. 120 20 (10) Air Dash While Quickmoving, press TRIANGLE to dash toward opponent. Hold button to extend range. 100 10 (5) Reverse Air Dash While Quickmoving, press TRIANGLE to dash away from opponent. Hold button to extend range. 100 10 (5) Omni Air Dash Press R + TRIANGLE to dash in any direction. Hold button to extend range. 300 30 (20) Free Air Dash Press R + TRIANGLE to dash toward opponent. Hold button to extend range. 200 20 (15) Reverse Free Air Dash Press R + TRIANGLE to dash away from opponent. Hold button to extend range. 200 20 (15) Multi Air Slide Press X after jumping to dash in any direction. Hold button to extend range. 250 10 (5) Multi Air Slide+ Multi Air Slide can be performed twice. 300 20 (15) Speed Boost Slight movement speed boost. 150 20 (10) Speed Boost+ Movement speed boost. 150 40 (20) Speed Boost++ Large movement speed boost 150 60 (35) Jump Boost Slight jump strength boost. 150 10 (5) Jump Boost+ Jump strength boost. 150 20 (10) Jump Boost++ Large jump strength boost. 150 30 (20) Jump Times Boost Jump increases by 1. 150 20 (10) Jump Times Boost+ Jump increases by 2. 150 30 (20) Jump Times Boost++ Jump increases by 3. 150 40 (30) Controlled Recovery Can move while breaking fall. Aerial Recovery must be enabled. 120 10 (5) Midair Evasion Boost Increase movement distance for midair evasion. Must enable Midair Evasion. 150 20 (10) Support
      Name Effect AP CP (M) Always Target Indicator Target Indicator showing opponent's position will always be displayed. 30 10 (5) EX Core Lock On When EX Core is present, push L while locked on to lock onto the EX Core. 50 10(5) Auto Chase Automatically chase foes. 250 10 (5) Auto Recovery Automatically break fall. 250 10 (5) Auto EX Burst Automatically use EX Burst. 150 10 (5) Auto EX Command Automaticall input EX Burst commands. 300 20 (10) Auto EX Command OMEGA Automatically input EX Burst commands perfectly. 600 30 (20) Auto EX Defense Automatically defend against EX Bursts. 300 20 (10) Auto EX Defense OMEGA Automatically defend against EX Bursts perfectly. 600 30 (20) Evasion Time Boost Increase duration of invincibility after evasion. 220 20 (10) Command Battle Boost Slightly strengthens command battle auto-judgment ability. 220 20 (10) Command Battle Boost+ Strengthens command battle auto-judgment ability. 220 40 (20) Command Battle Boost++ Greatly strengthens command battle auto-judgment ability. 220 60 (30) Extra
      Name Effect AP CP (M) Notes Precision Jump Press X at high point of jump to jump higher than usual. 180 10 (5)   Concentration Bravery increases after not attacking for a length of time. 250 30 (15)   Concentration+ Bravery increases after not attacking for a length of time. Stronger than Concentration. 250 60 (30)   Concentration++ Bravery increases after not attacking for a length of time. Stronger than Concentration+. 250 100 (50)   Achy Gain "near death" status with more HP. 250 30 (15)   Achy+ Gain "near death" status with even more HP. 250 60 (30)   Magic Shield When near death, magic damage cut by 20%. 280 20 (10)   Physical Shield When near death, physical damage cut by 20%. 280 20 (10)   Bravery Regen In EX Mode, gain bravery instead of regenerating HP. 280 20 (10)   Snooze and Lose When foe doesn't attack for a certain length of time, foe's bravery begins to fall. 250 100 (50)   Counterattack Critical hit rate rises when opponent is attacking. 360 50 (45)   Sneak Attack Critical hit rate rises when attacking from behind. 360 50 (45)   First Strike When landing the first bravery attack, critical rate of the first combo rises. 360 40 (35)   EX Critical Boost Further boosts critical hit rate during EX Mode. 300 45 (40)   Cat Nip Boosts critical hit rate when opponent has chance of a one-hit victory. 300 30 (25)   Riposte Boosts critical hit rate when attacking staggering opponent. 300 45 (40)   Back to the Wall Boosts critical hit rate when near death. 300 30 (25)   Gambler's Spirit Boosts critical hit rate after being afflicted by Break. 300 30 (15)   Anti-EX Boosts critical hit rate when opponent is in EX Mode. 300 30 (20)   Disable Counterattack Counterattack ability effect disabled. 360 30 (15)   Disable Sneak Attack Sneak Attack ability disabled. 360 30 (15)   Disable First Strike First Strike ability disabled. 360 20 (10)   Disable EX Critical Boost Disables opponent's EX Critical Boost ability effect. 300 20 (10)   Disable Cat Nip Cat Nip ability disabled. 300 20 (10)   Disable Riposte Riposte ability disabled. 300 20 (10)   Disable Back to the Wall Back to the Wall ability disabled. 300 20 (10)   Disable Gamber's Spirit Gambler's Spirit ability disabled. 300 20 (10)   Disable Anti-EX Disables opponent's Anti-EX ability effect. 300 20 (10)   EXP to HP Instead of gaining EXP, recover an equivalent amount of HP. 500 60 (0)   EXP to Bravery Instead of gaining EXP, gain an equivalent amount of bravery. 500 60 (0)   EXP to EX Force Instead of gaining EXP, the EX Gauge rises by an equivalent amount. 500 60 (0)   Equip Swords Swords can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Daggers Daggers can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Greatswords Greatswords can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Katana Katana can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Spears Spears can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Axes Axes can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Rods Rods can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Staves Staves can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Thrown Weapons Thrown weapons can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Grappling Weapons Grappling weapons can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Instruments Instruments can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Parrying Weapons Parrying weapons can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Shields Shields can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Bangles Bangles can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Gauntlets Gauntlets can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Hats Hats can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Hairpins Hairpins can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Helms Helms can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Ribbons Ribbons can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Clothing Clothing can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Robes Robes can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Light Armor Light Armor can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Heavy Armor Heavy Armor can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Equip Machines Machines can be equipped. 500 20 (10)   Sword Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Dagger Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Greatsword Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Katana Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Spear Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Axe Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Rod Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Staff Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Thrown Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Grappling Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Instrument Adept Small attack boost when equipping swords. 240 20 (10) ATK+2 Parrying Adept Small defense boost when equipping parrying weapons. 240 20 (10) DEF+2 Shield Adept Small defense boost when equipping shields 240 20 (10) DEF+2 Bangle Adept Small defense boost when equipping bangles. 240 20 (10) DEF+2 Gauntlet Adept Small defense boost when equipping gauntlets. 240 20 (10) DEF+2 Hat Adept Small BRV boost when equipping hats. 240 20 (10) BRV+100 Hairpin Adept Small BRV boost when equipping hairpins. 240 20 (10) BRV+100 Helm Adept Small BRV boost when equipping helms. 240 20 (10) BRV+100 Ribbon Adept Small BRV boost when equipping ribbons. 240 20 (10) BRV+100 Machine Adept Small BRV boost when equipping machines. 240 20 (10) BRV+100 Clothing Adept Small HP boost when equipping clothing. 240 20 (10) HP+1000 Robe Adept Small HP boost when equipping robes. 240 20 (10) HP+1000 Light Armor Adept Small HP boost when equipping light armor. 240 20 (10) HP+1000 Heavy Armor Adept Small HP boost when equipping heavy armor. 240 20 (10) HP+1000
    • By HYNE
      Name Effect Rank Battlegen Location Cost Ingredients Power Ring Damage +5% B   Shop 300 Strength Powder x2, Red Drop x1 Hyper Ring Damage +10% A   Shop 1000 Strength Powder x3, Strength Shard x2 Gaia Ring Damage +15% S   Shop 1800 Strength Shard x3, Crimson Shard x2, Strength Crystal x2 Guard Ring Wall Rush Defense +10% A   Shop 1000 Protect Powder x2, Orange Drop x1 Block Ring Wall Rush Defense +20% S   Shop 1800 Protect Powder x3, Protect Shard x2 Guardian Bangle Defense +5% S   Shop 1800 Protect Shard x3, Orange Gem x2, Protect x2 Attractorb EX Intake Range +2m A   Shop 1000 Magnet Powder x2 Gravitorb EX Intake Range +3m S   Shop 1800 Magnet Shard x3, Magnet Crystal x2, Tome of Souls x3 Ivory Choker EX Force Absorption +15% A   Shop 1000 Bless Powder x2 Pearl Necklace EX Force Absorption +30% S   Shop 1800 Bless Shard x3, Bless Crystal x2, Tome of Men x5 Pretty Orb EX Core Absorption +15% A   Shop 1000 Amplification Powder x2 Dragonfly Orb EX Core Absorption +30% S   Shop 1800 Amplification Shard x3, Amplification Crystal x2, Tome of Silence x5 Silver Hourglass EX Mode Duration +10% A   Shop 1000 Time Shard x3 Gold Hourglass EX Mode Duration +20% S   Shop 1800 Time Shard x3, Time Crystal x2, Tome of the Orator x5 Pendant EX Core Appearance Boost A   Shop 1000 Allure Powder x2 Victory Pendant Big EX Core Appearance Boost S   Shop 1800 Allure Shard x3, Allure Crystal x2, Tome of the Masters x5 Muscle Belt Physical Damage +15% A   Shop 1300 Crimson Powder x2 Champion Belt Physical Damage +25% S   Shop 1900 Crimson Shard x3, Crimson Crystal x2, Tome of the Orator x5 Earring Magic Damage +15% A   Shop 1300 Mana Powder x2 Star Earring Magic Damage +25% S   Shop 1900 Mana Shard x3, Mana Crystal x2, Tome of the Masters x5 Protect Stud Physical Defense +5% A   Shop 1300 Resilience Powder x2, Orange Drop x1 Defense Cuff Physical Defense +10% S   Shop 1900 Resilience Shard x3, Protect Shard x2, Resilience Crystal x2 White Cape Magic Defense +5% A   Shop 1300 Reflex Powder x1, Mana Powder x1 Black Cape Magic Defense +10% S   Shop 1900 Resilience Powder x3, Reflex Shard x2, Mana Crystal x2 Angel Brooch Stage Defense +20% A   Shop 1000 Resilience Powder x1, Allure powder x1 Angel Wings Stage Defense +30% S   Shop 1800 Resilience Shard x2, Allure Shard x2, Tome of Souls x3 Zephyr Cloak BRV Boost on Dodge +3% A   Shop 1300 Resilience Powder x1, Guts Powder x1 Elven Mantle BRV Boost on Dodge +6% S   Shop 1900 Resilience Shard x2, Guts Shard x2, Guts Crystal x1 Heart's Ease BRV Boost on Block +5% A   Shop 1300 Guts Powder x1, Protect Powder x1 Spirit Stanchion BRV Boost on Block +10% S   Shop 1900 Guts Shard x2, Protect Shard x2, Lithe Shard x1 Bravery Orb BRV Recovery +20% A   Shop 1000 Recovery Powder x2 Bravery Elemental BRV Recovery +40% S   Shop 1800 Recovery Shard x2, Guts Shard x2, Recovery Crystal x1 Reflect Strand Magic Counter Strength +20% A   Shop 1000 Reflex Powder x2 Mirrored Chain Magic Counter Strength +40% S   Shop 1800 Reflex Shard x3, Reflex Crystal x2, Tome of Memories x5 Booster Wall Rush BRV Damage +10% A   Shop 1300 Gale Powder x2 Hyperstar Wall Rush BRV Damage +20% S   Shop 1900 Gale Shard x3, Gale Crystal x2, Tome of Shadows x4 Sniper Eye Wall Rush HP Damage +10% A   Shop 1300 Destruction Powder x2 Sniper Soul Wall Rush HP Damage +20% S   Shop 1900 Destruction Shard x3, Destruction Crystal x2, Tome of Mysteries x5 Defense Veil Wall Rush BRV Defense +20% A   Shop 1300 Lithe Powder x2 Mystery Veil Wall Rush BRV Defense +30% S   Shop 1900 Lithe Shard x3, Lithe Crystal x2, Tome of Love x3 Decoy Wall Rush HP Defense +20% A   Shop 1300 Resilience Powder x2 Scapegoat Wall Rush HP Defense +30% S   Shop 1900 Resilience Shard x3, Resilience Crystal x2, Tome of Souls x3 Jet Engine Chase BRV Damage +10% A   Shop 1300 Power Powder x2 Rocket Engine Chase BRV Damage +20% S   Shop 1900 Power Shard x3, Power Crystal x2, Tome of Lies x5 Amulet Chase BRV Defense +10% A   Shop 1300 Gale Powder x1, Lithe Powder x1 Golden Amulet Chase BRV Defense +20% S   Shop 1900 Gale Shard x2, Lithe Shard x2, Tome of Kings x3 Mindbreak BRV Boost on Stage Destruction +2% A   Shop 1300 Destruction Powder x1, Gale Powder x1 Mindcrush BRV Boost on Stage Destruction +4% S   Shop 1900 Destruction Shard x2, Gale Shard x2, Tome of Men x5 Angel's Bell Regen +10% A   Shop 1000 Healing Powder x2 Archangel's Bell Regen +20% S   Shop 1800 Healing Shard x3, Healing Crystal x2, Tome of Shadows x4 Sunrise Battlegen Rate x1.2 A   Shop 1000 Allure Powder x1, Luck Powder x1, Power Powder x1 Moonrise Battlegen Rate x1.5 S   Shop 1800 Allure Shard x2, Power Shard x2, Luck Crystal x1 Battle Chant Chase BRV Damage +15%, DEF-10% A   Shop 1300 Chaos Shard x2 War Gong Chase BRV Damage +30%, DEF-20% S   Shop 1900 Chaos Crystal x2, Chaos Orb x2, Entropy's Birth x2 Dismay Shock EX Gauge Depletion +4% A   Shop 1900 Bless Crystal x2, Destruction Crystal x2, Chaos Crystal x2 Despair Shock EX Gauge Depletion +8% S   Shop 2000 Bless Orb x3, Destruction Orb x3, Chaos Orb x3 Safety Bit Last Chance +1% A   Shop 1300 Phoenix Down x3, Phoenix Pinion x3 Safety Ring Last Chance +2% S   Shop 1800 Safety Bit x1, Phoenix Down x3, Phoenix Pinion x3 Smiting Soul Iai Strike +2% S   Shop 2000 Entropy's Birth x3, Chaos Crystal x3, Chaos Orb x1 Booster
      Type Name Condition Multiplier Rank HP HP = 100% When your HP is 100% 1.5 S HP HP ≥ 80% When you have at least 80% of your HP 1.2 B HP HP ≤ 40% When you have 40% or less of your HP 1.2 B HP HP is 50-70% When your HP is 50-70% 1.2 B HP HP = 1 When you have 1 HP 1.5 S HP Near Death When you are near death 1.5 S HP Near Loss When you are in danger of losing in 1 hit 1.5 S HP Large Gap in HP When HP gap between you and foe is at least 2000 points 1.5 S HP Small Gap in HP When HP gap between you and foe is under 200 points 1.5 S HP HP is a Multiple of 2 When your HP is a multiple of 2 1.1 D HP HP is a Multiple of 3 When your HP is a multiple of 3 1.2 C HP HP is a Multiple of 4 When your HP is a multiple of 4 1.3 B HP HP is a Multiple of 5 When your HP is a multiple of 5 1.4 A HP HP is a Prime Number When your HP is a prime number 1.5 S BRV BRV ≥ Base Value When your BRV is its base value or higher 1.2 B BRV BRV ≤ Base Value When your BRV is its base value or lower 1.2 B BRV Break When you are suffering from Break 1.5 S BRV Near Break When you are in danger of Break 1.5 S BRV Victory Chance When you have a chance to win 1.5 S BRV Large Gap in BRV When BRV gap between you and foe is at least 1000 points 1.5 S BRV Small Gap in BRV When BRV gap between you and foe is under 200 points 1.5 S BRV No BRV Damage When you haven't taken BRV damage 1.5 S BRV BRV=0 When your BRV is 0 1.5 S BRV BRV is a Multiple of 2 When your BRV is a multiple of 2 1.1 D BRV BRV is a Multiple of 3 When your BRV is a multiple of 3 1.2 C BRV BRV is a Multiple of 4 When your BRV is a multiple of 4 1.3 B BRV BRV is a Multiple of 5 When your BRV is a multiple of 5 1.4 A BRV BRV is a Prime Number When your BRV is a prime number 1.5 S EX Full EX Gauge When your EX Gauge is full 1.5 S EX Empty EX Gauge When your EX Gauge is empty 1.5 S EX EX Gauge ≥ 70% When your EX Gauge is at least 70% full 1.2 B EX EX Gauge ≤ 30% When your EX Gauge is at most 30% full 1.2 B EX EX Core Present When EX Core is present 1.5 S Summon After Summon Once you have used a summon 1.5 S Summon Summon Unused When you have not yet used a summon 1.5 S Action Standing Still When you are standing still 1.3 A Action In Motion When you are moving 1.2 B Action Attacking Bravery While performing a BRV attack 1.2 B Action Attacking HP While performing an HP attack 1.2 B Action Taking Damage While taking damage 1.2 B Action Blocking While blocking 1.2 B Action Evading While evading 1.2 B Action Quickmove During Quickmove 1.2 B Action Chasing While performing a chase attack 1.3 A Action EX Mode While you are in EX Mode 1.3 A Action Pre-Bravery Attack When you haven't yet performed a BRV attack 1.5 S Action Pre-Bravery Damage When you haven't yet hit with a bravery attack 1.2 B Action Pre-HP Attack When you haven't yet performed an HP attack 1.5 S Action Pre-HP Damage When you haven't yet hit with an HP attack 1.2 B Position On the Ground When you are on the ground 1.2 B Position In Midair While you are in midair 1.2 B Position Near Opponent While near opponent 1.2 B Position Far from Opponent While far from opponent 1.2 B Position Above Opponent While higher than opponent 1.2 B Position Below Opponent While lower than opponent 1.2 B Position On Ground, Foe in Midair When opponent is in midair and you are on the ground 1.5 S Time After 30 Seconds 30 seconds after battle starts 1.2 S Level Large Gap in Level When at least a 20 level gap with opponent 1.5 S Level Small Gap in Level When at most a 3 level gap with opponent 1.2 B Level Level ≤ 3 When your level is 3 or under 2 S Level Level 10-19 When your level is 10-19 1.5 B Level Level 20-29 When your level is 20-29 1.2 B Level Level 30-39 When your level is 30-39 1.2 B Level Level 40-49 When your level is 40-49 1.2 B Level Level 50-59 When your level is 50-59 1.2 B Level Level 60-69 When your level is 60-69 1.2 B Level Level 70-79 When your level is 70-79 1.2 B Level Level 80-89 When your level is 80-89 1.2 B Level Level 90-99 When your level is 90-99 1.2 B Level Level 100 When your level is 100 1.2 S Level Level = Multiple of 2 When your level is a multiple of 2 1.1 D Level Level = Multiple of 3 When your level is a multiple of 3 1.2 C Level Level = Multiple of 4 When your level is a multiple of 4 1.2 S Level Level = Multiple of 5 When your level is a multiple of 5 1.2 S Level Level is a Prime Number When your level is a prime number 1.5 S Opponent HP = 100% When your opponent's HP is 100% 1.5 S Opponent Near Death When opponent is near death 1.5 S Opponent Near Loss When opponent is near loss 1.5 S Opponent BRV ≥ Base Value When opponent's BRV is its base value or higher 1.2 B Opponent BRV ≤ Base Value When opponent's BRV is its base value or lower 1.2 B Opponent Break When opponent is suffering from Break 1.5 S Opponent Near Break When opponent is in danger of Break 1.5 S Opponent Victory Chance When opponent has a chance to win 1.5 S Opponent EX Gauge Full When opponent's EX Gauge is full 1.5 S Opponent EX Gauge ≥ 70% When opponent's EX Gauge is at least 70% full 1.5 S Opponent After Summon Once opponent has used a summon 1.5 S Opponent Summon Unused When opponent hasn't used a summon 1.5 S Opponent In Motion While opponent is moving 1.2 B Opponent Attacking Bravery While opponent performs a BRV attack 1.2 B Opponent Attacking HP While opponent performs an HP attack 1.2 B Opponent Taking Damage While opponent takes damage 1.2 B Opponent Chasing While opponent perorms a chase attack 1.3 A Opponent EX Mode While opponent is in EX Mode 1.3 A Opponent Pre-Bravery Damage While opponent hasn't connected with a BRV attack 1.5 S Opponent Pre-HP Damage While opponent hasn't connected with an HP attack 1.5 S Opponent On the Ground While opponent is on the ground 1.2 B Opponent In Midair While opponent is in midair 1.2 B Opponent HP ≥ 70% When opponent has at least 70% of their HP 1.2 B Opponent HP ≤ 30% When opponent has 30% or less of their HP 1.2 B Opponent HP = 1 When opponent has 1 HP 1.5 S Opponent No BRV Damage When opponent hasn't taken BRV damage 1.5 S Opponent EX Gauge ≤ 30% When opponent's EX Gauge is under 30% 1.2 B Booster—Special
      Type Name Condition Multiplier Rank Battlegen Location Cost Ingredients Special Easy Come, Easy Go Right after battle starts 2.5 / 0.5 after 30 seconds S   Shop 2000 Sagittarius Recipe x1, Carnelian Signet x1, Shinra Card Key x1 Special Strong Against Adversity HP is 1 3 / 0.5 when over 1% HP S   Shop 2000 Virgo Recipe x1, Warp Cube x1, Occult Fan x1 Special
      Name Effect Rank Battlegen Location Cost Ingredients Lucky Charm LUK+4, Summon Recharge +1 A   Shop 1000 Yellow Drop x1, Luck Powder x2 Rabbit's Foot LUK+8, Summon Recharge +2 S   Shop 1800 Yellow Gem x2, Luck Shard x2, Luck Crystal x1 Desert Boots BRV Boost on Quickmove +1% A   Shop 1300 Guts Powder x1, Quickstrike Shard x1 Battle Boots BRV Boost on Quickmove +2% S   Shop 1900 Guts Shard x2, Quickstrike Crystal x2, Tome of Silence x5 White Drop EX Force Absorption +10% B   Shop     Red Drop ATK+1 B   Shop     Orange Drop DEF+1 B   Shop     Yellow Drop LUCK+1 B   Shop     Green Drop HP+100 B   Shop     Blue Drop BRV+20 B   Shop     Cyan Drop Initial EX Force +10% B   Shop     Purple Drop Regen +5% B   Shop     Red Gem ATK+2 S   Shop     Orange Gem DEF+2 S   Shop     Yellow Gem LUCK+2 S   Shop     Green Gem HP+300 S   Shop     Blue Gem BRV+60 S   Shop     Cyan Gem Initial EX Force +20% S   Shop     Purple Gem Regen +10% S   Shop     White Gem EX Force Absorption +20% S   Shop     Hero's Spirit CP+20 A   Shop 1300 Lucky Charm x1, Guard Ring x1 Hero's Essence CP+40 S   Shop 1600 Rabbit's Foot x1, Block Ring x1 Back to the Wall Initial HP -90% S   Shop 1900 Life Resin x3, Mystery Resin x3 Tenacious Attacker Absorb EX Force when Attack S   Shop 1900 Attractorb x1, Muscle Belt x1 Blazing Totema Absorb EX Force on Summon, Summon Recharge +2 S   Shop 1900 Glutton x1, Tenacious Attacker x1 Growth Egg Experience Value +20% S   Shop 1900 Growth Seed x1, Chocobo Wing x3, Chocobo Feather x1 Strength Begets Courage Extra HP to BRV S   Shop 1900 Life Resin x3, Archangel's Bell x1, Tome of Memories x5 Force Begets Courage EX Core & EX Force to BRV S   Shop 1900 Spirit Stanchion x1, Pearl Necklace x1, Tome of Silence x5 Vengeful Soul Eye for an Eye -- Add bravery to damage when reflecting a magical HP attack S   Shop 1900 Mirrored Chain x1, Star Earring x1, Tome of Shadows x4 Rebellious Soul Bonerusher -- BRV increases by 30% of max HP when near death S   Shop 1900 Gaia Ring x1, Rabbit's Foot x1, Tome of Mysteries x5 Final Position Valor Chance -- Can endure one attack that would inflict Break with 0 BRV S   Shop 1900 Guts Crystal x1, Luck Shard x3, Moonflow x3 Final Decision Combo Chance -- Can endure one combo that would inflict Break with 0 BRV S   Shop 1900 Guts Crystal x1, Power Shard x3, Moonflow x3 Destroyer No Chance -- Disables opponent's 'Chance' effects S   Shop 1900 Star's Core x3, Phoenix Pinion x3 Glutton Absorb EX Force on Damage S   Shop 2000 Gravitorb x1, Pearl Necklace x1, Tome of Shadows x4 Great Gospel Regen +20%, BRV Recovery +50%, BRV Boost on Quickmove +1% S   Shop 2000 Bravery Elemental x1, Battle Boots x1, Tome of Love x3 Steel Curtain Wall Rush BRV Defense +30%, Wall Rush HP Defense +30% S   Shop 2000 Mystery Veil x1, Scapegoat x1, Tome of Kings x3 Berserker Ring Wall Rush BRV Damage +20%, Wall Rush HP Damage +20% S   Shop 2000 Sniper Soul x1, Hyperstar x1, Tome of Mysteries x5 Close to You Absorb EX Force when Attack, Absorb EX Force on Damage, Absorb EX Force on Summon S   Shop 2000 Gravitorb x1, Dragonfly Orb x1, Tome of the Masters x5 Center of the World EX Intake Range +2m, EX Force Absorption +15%, EX Core Absorption +15% S   Shop 2000 Pearl Necklace x1, Dragonfly Orb x1, Tome of Souls x3 First to Victory Initial EX Force +25%, Initial Bravery +25% S   Shop 2000 Arcane Resin x6, Valor Resin x3, Tome of Myteries x5 Hero's Seal Initial Bravery +50% S   Shop 2000 Valor Incense x6, Valor Resin x3, Tome of Love x3 Beckoning Cat Gil+20%, AP+100%, PP+20% S   Shop 2000 Rabbit's Foot x1, Mog's Amulet x1, Tome of Kings x3 Sturm and Drang Physical Damage +20%, Wall Rush BRV Damage +10%, Chase BRV Damage +10% S   Shop 2000 Champion Belt x1, Hyperstar x1, Tome of Lies x5 Soul of Thamasa Magic Damage +20%, Wall Rush BRV Damage +10%, Chase BRV Damage +10% S   Shop 2000 Star Earring x1, Rocket Engine x1, Tome of the Farplane x5 Fake Mustache LUK+10, EX Core Appearance Boost S   Shop 2000 Victory Pendant x1, Rabbit's Foot x1, Tome of Men x5 Back-Breaking Straw BRV Boost on Dodge +3%, BRV Boost on Block +5%, BRV Boost on Quickmove +1% S   Shop 2000 Elven Mantle x1, Spirit Stanchion x1, Tome of the Orator x5 Phoenix Down Last Chance -- Endure killing blow with 1HP (Breaks upon use) S   Shop 1000 Blackcrystal Sliver x1, Star's Core x1, Moonflow x1 Phoenix Pinion Second Chance -- When HP=0, convert BRV to HP (Breaks upon use) S   Shop 1000 Phoenix Down x1, Demon Soul x1, Order of Emptiness x1 Valor Incense Initial Bravery +100%, Accessory Breakability: 100% A   Shop 1000 Sealed Darkness x1, Guts Powder Valor Resin Initial Bravery +200%, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 2000 Sealed Darkness x3, Geranium x1, Rosemary x1 Arcane Incense Initial EX Force +25% Accessory Breakability: 100% A   Shop 1000 Moon Stone x1, Oath Powder x2 Arcane Resin Initial EX Force +100%, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 2000 Moon Stone x3, Amplification Powder x1, Bergamot x1 Destruction Incense ATK+4, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 1000 Voidshard x1, Strength Powder x2 Destruction Resin ATK+8, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 2000 Voidshard x3, Crimson Shard x5, Chamomile x1 Patience Incense DEF+4, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 1000 Magicite Shard x1, Protect Powder x2 Patience Resin DEF+8, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 2000 Magicite Shard x3, Clary Sage x1, Ylang Ylang x1 Life Incense HP+500, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 1000 Materia x1, Titan Powder x2 Life Resin HP+1000, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 2000 Materia x3, Healing Shard x2, Tea Tree x1 Mystery Incense LUK+8, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 1000 Time Warp x1, Luck Powder x2 Mystery Resin LUK+16, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 2000 Time Warp x3, Eucalyptus x1, Lemongrass x1 Chocobo Down Experience Value +20%, Accessory Breakability: 30% S   Play Plan     Chocobo Wing Experience Value +50%, Accessory Breakability: 30% S   Play Plan     Chocobo Feather Experience Value +100%, Accessory Breakability: 30% S   Play Plan     Superslick Battlegen Rate x1.5, Accessory Breakability: 30% S   Mognet     Mog's Amulet Drop Rate x1.5, Accessory Breakability: 30% S   Mognet     Diamond Ring AP+300%, Accessory Breakability: 100% S   Shop 10000   Miracle Shoes ATK+1, DEF+1, LUK+1 S   Shop 2000 Aries Recipe x1, Rosetta Stone x1 Dangerously Lucky Last Chance, Drop Rate x1.75, Breaks upon use S   Shop 2000 Gemini Recipe x1, Gnomish Bread x1, Automaton Parts x1 Trade
      Name Effect Rank Rosetta Stone   S Mythril   C Gold   B Diamond   A Crystal   S Adamantite   S Warrior Lore   S Thief Lore   S Dragoon Lore   S Marksman Lore   S Black Belt Lore   S Bard Lore   S Black Mage Lore   S Dancer Lore   S Chemist Lore   S Mallet   S Pink Tail   S Growth Seed   D Chocobo Cologne   S Protect Powder   D Protect Shard   C Protect Crystal   B Protect Orb   S Magnet Powder   D Magnet Shard   C Magnet Crystal   B Magnet Orb   S Recovery Powder   D Recovery Shard   C Recovery Crystal   B Recovery Orb   S Titan Powder   D Titan Shard   C Titan Crystal   B Titan Orb   S Luck Powder   D Luck Shard   C Luck Crystal   B Luck Orb   S Amplification Powder   D Amplification Shard   C Amplification Crystal   B Amplification Orb   S Gale Powder   D Gale Shard   C Gale Crystal   B Gale Orb   S Bless Powder   D Bless Shard   C Bless Crystal   B Bless Orb   S Power Powder   D Power Shard   C Power Crystal   B Power Orb   S Guts Powder   D Guts Shard   C Guts Crystal   B Guts Orb   S Strength Powder   D Strength Shard   C Strength Crystal   B Strength Orb   S Healing Powder   D Healing Shard   C Healing Crystal   B Healing Orb   S Mana Powder   D Mana Shard   C Mana Crystal   B Mana Orb   S Destruction Powder   D Destruction Shard   C Destruction Crystal   B Destruction Orb   S Reflex Powder   D Reflex Shard   C Reflex Crystal   B Reflex Orb   S Allure Powder   D Allure Shard   C Allure Crystal   B Allure Orb   S Oath Powder   D Oath Shard   C Oath Crystal   B Oath Orb   S Lithe Powder   D Lithe Shard   C Lithe Crystal   B Lithe Orb   S Resilience Powder   D Resilience Shard   C Resilience Crystal   B Resilience Orb   S Crimson Powder   D Crimson Shard   C Crimson Crystal   B Crimson Orb   S Chaos Shard   B Chaos Crystal   A Chaos Orb   S Quickstrike Shard   B Quickstrike Crystal   A Quickstrike Orb   S Time Shard   B Time Crystal   A Time Orb   S Order of Emptiness   C Blackcrystal Sliver   C Demon Soul   C Sealed Darkness   C Moon Stone   C Voidshard   C Magicite Shard   C Materia   C Time Warp   C Mallet   C Star's Core   C Moonflow   C Entropy's Birth   C White Stone   D Black Stone   C Spirit Stone   C Mako Stone   C Levistone   C Dewdrop Pebble   B Stone of the Condemner   B Wyrmstone   B Blessed Gem   B Goddess's Magicite   A Supreme Gem   A Beast Bone   D Unknown's Bone   C Gigas Bone   C Nue Bone   C Ancient Bone   C Shadow Bone   B Wargod Bone   B Land Dragon Bone   B Saint's Bone   B Blood-Darkened Bone   A Hero's Bone   A Large Horn   D Summoner's Horn   C Wyvern Horn   C Taurus Horn   C Lizard Horn   C Humbaba's Horn   B Ixion Horn   B Wind Drake Horn   B Unicorn Horn   B Beastlord Horn   A Behemoth Horn   A Large Fang   D Black Tiger Fang   C Great Serpent's Fang   C Chimera Fang   C Throat Wolf Fang   C Mammoth Tusk   B Holy Fang   B Beastlord Fang   A Maduin's Fang   A Quality Branch   D Splinter   D Lumber   C Thorny Lumber   C Quality Lumber   C Mistletoe   C Big Tree   B Spiritwood   B Dragonwood   B Revival Tree   A Iifa Tree   A Iron Carapace   D Charger Barding   D Great Serpentskin   C Wormskin   C Destrier Barding   C Giant Turtleshell   B Wyrm Carapace   B Blessed Barding   B Aged Turtle Shell   A Ancient Turtle Shell   A Aquamarine   D Emerald   D Moonstone   C Ruby   C Peridot   C Sapphire   C Opal   B Topaz   B Dragonstone   B Holystone   B Lapis Lazuli   A Sky Jewel   A Ichton Scales   D Yensa Scales   D Lamia Scales   C Landshark Scales   C Leviathan Scales   C Emperor Scales   B Godfighter Scales   B Sea Serpent Scales   B Sacred Beast Scales   B Djinn Scales   A Eden's Scales   A Bird Feather   D Giant Feather   C Demon Feather   C Fallen Angel Feather   C Royal Wing   B Diablos's Wing   B Wyvern Wing   B Sacred Beast Wing   B Garuda's Wing   A Bahamut's Wing   A Geranium   D Rosemary   D Bergamot   D Chamomile   D Clary Sage   D Ylang Ylang   D Tea Tree   D Eucalyptus   D Lemongrass   D Tome of Souls   B Tome of Love   B Tome of Kings   B Tome of Shadows   B Tome of Memories   A Tome of Mysteries   A Tome of Lies   A Tome of the Farplane   A Tome of Men   A Tome of Silence   A Tome of the Orator   A Tome of the Masters   A Guiding Light   A Wheel of Darkness   A The Youth's Dream   A Lust for Power   A Onion   A Roaming Clouds   A Twin Form   A Lone Heart   A Splendor of the Wind   A Power of the Void   A Veiled Magic   A Fanatic's Leer   A True Past   A Life of the Planet   A Unshelled Bullet   A Gears of Time   A Theater Ticket   A God of Destruction   A Fayth's Dream   A Medal of Honor   A Boiling Blood   A Gates of Judgment   A Wind Stone   C Water Stone   B Lifestone   A Transmogridust   D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Pebble Just a pebble. Don't throw this at people! D Dusty Elixir Perhaps this can be traded. Try asking at the shop. S Elixir Perhaps this can be traded. Try asking at the shop. S Hi-Elixir Perhaps this can be traded. Try asking at the shop. S Megalixir Perhaps this can be traded. Try asking at the shop. S Crystal Eye A crystalline sphere. Pretty, and quite useful. S Wild Rose A wild rose, nothing more. S Wyvern Egg Placed in the Life Spring, perhaps a wyvern could hatch. S Noah's Lute This magic lute can be heard even in dreams. S Carnelian Signet An infamous heirloom that once caused a terrible tragedy. S Whisperweed With this, your voice can reach people far away. S Dragon Seal Proof of slaying a dragon god. S Omega Badge Proof of defeating an ancient weapon. S Delicious Fish Never give rotten fish to a friend, much less a sick friend. S Tintinnabulum A little bell with a sweet tone. They say it felled an esper. S Snowboard Popular with young people. S Occult Fan A legendary magazine, now out of print. S GF Eden A small model of Guardian Force Eden. S Chocograph A stone slab buried in the forest. S Strategy Guide It is written: "You are now invincible. You've done well." S Al Bhed Primer "Keja so pacd du O, N yht B" is written in cute letters. S Nethicite A gem bearing massive power. If you're lucky, this one is fake. S Aries Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Taurus Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Gemini Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Cancer Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Leo Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Virgo Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Libra Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Scorpio Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Sagittarius Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Capricorn Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Aquarius Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S Pisces Recipe Looks like some kind of a recipe. Better take it to a shop! S  
      Name Target Action Probability Protect Powder Warrior of Light BRV Break 21.9% Protect Shard Warrior of Light HP Attack 12.6% Protect Crystal Warrior of Light HP Attack 7.4% Protect Orb Warrior of Light BRV Break 2.1% Magnet Powder Firion BRV Break 21.5% Magnet Shard Firion EX Burst 12.3% Magnet Crystal Firion HP Attack 7.0% Magnet Orb Firion BRV Break 2.1% Recovery Powder Onion Knight BRV Break 21.1% Recovery Shard Onion Knight HP Attack 11.8% Recovery Crystal Onion Knight EX Burst 6.6% Recovery Orb Onion Knight BRV Break 2.1% Titan Powder Cecil BRV Break 21.9% Titan Shard Cecil HP Attack 12.6% Titan Crystal Cecil HP Attack 7.4% Titan Orb Cecil BRV Break 2.1% Luck Powder Bartz BRV Break 21.5% Luck Shard Bartz HP Attack 12.3% Luck Crystal Bartz HP Attack 7.0% Luck Orb Bartz BRV Break 2.1% Amplification Powder Terra BRV Break 21.1% Amplification Shard Terra HP Attack 11.8% Amplification Crystal Terra EX Burst 6.6% Amplification Orb Terra BRV Break 2.1% Gale Powder Cloud BRV Break 21.9% Gale Shard Cloud HP Attack 12.6% Gale Crystal Cloud HP Attack 7.4% Gale Orb Cloud BRV Break 2.1% Bless Powder Squall BRV Break 21.5% Bless Shard Squall HP Attack 12.3% Bless Crystal Squall EX Burst 7.0% Bless Orb Squall BRV Break 2.1% Power Powder Zidane BRV Break 21.1% Power Shard Zidane HP Attack 11.8% Power Crystal Zidane HP Attack 6.6% Power Orb Zidane BRV Break 2.1% Guts Powder Tidus BRV Break 21.9% Guts Shard Tidus HP Attack 12.6% Guts Crystal Tidus HP Attack 7.4% Guts Orb Tidus BRV Break 2.1% Strength Powder Garland BRV Break 21.1% Strength Shard Garland HP Attack 11.8% Strength Crystal Garland HP Attack 6.6% Strength Orb Garland BRV Break 2.1% Healing Powder The Emperor BRV Break 21.9% Healing Shard The Emperor HP Attack 12.6% Healing Crystal The Emperor HP Attack 7.4% Healing Orb The Emperor BRV Break 2.1% Mana Powder Cloud of Darkness BRV Break 21.5% Mana Shard Cloud of Darkness HP Attack 12.3% Mana Crystal Cloud of Darkness HP Attack 7.0% Mana Orb Cloud of Darkness BRV Break 2.1% Destruction Powder Golbez BRV Break 21.1% Destruction Shard Golbez HP Attack 11.8% Destruction Crystal Golbez EX Burst 6.6% Destruction Orb Golbez BRV Break 2.1% Reflex Powder Exdeath BRV Break 21.9% Reflex Shard Exdeath HP Attack 12.6% Reflex Crystal Exdeath HP Attack 7.4% Reflex Orb Exdeath BRV Break 2.1% Allure Powder Kefka BRV Break 21.5% Allure Shard Kefka HP Attack 12.3% Allure Crystal Kefka EX Burst 7.0% Allure Orb Kefka BRV Break 2.1% Oath Powder Sephiroth BRV Break 21.1% Oath Shard Sephiroth HP Attack 11.8% Oath Crystal Sephiroth EX Burst 6.6% Oath Orb Sephiroth BRV Break 2.1% Lithe Powder Ultimecia BRV Break 21.9% Lithe Shard Ultimecia HP Attack 12.6% Lithe Crystal Ultimecia HP Attack 7.4% Lithe Orb Ultimecia BRV Break 2.1% Resilience Powder Kuja BRV Break 21.5% Resilience Shard Kuja HP Attack 12.3% Resilience Crystal Kuja HP Attack 7.0% Resilience Orb Kuja BRV Break 2.1% Crimson Powder Jecht BRV Break 21.1% Crimson Shard Jecht HP Attack 11.8% Crimson Crystal Jecht HP Attack 6.6% Crimson Orb Jecht BRV Break 2.1% Chaos Shard Chaos EX Burst 11.0% Chaos Crystal Chaos HP Attack 5.7% Chaos Orb Chaos BRV Break 2.1% Quickstrike Shard Shantotto HP Attack 10.6% Quickstrike Crystal Shantotto HP Attack 5.3% Quickstrike Orb Shantotto BRV Break 2.1% Time Shard Gabranth HP Attack 10.6% Time Crystal Gabranth HP Attack 5.3% Time Orb Gabranth EX Burst 2.1% Blackcrystal Sliver Old Chaos Shrine   14.3% Demon Soul Pandaemonium   10.3% Sealed Darkness World of Darkness   13.3% Moon Stone Lunar Subterrane   14.3% Voidshard The Rift   12.3% Magicite Shard Kefka's Tower   13.3% Materia Planet's Core   14.3% Time Warp Ultimecia's Castle   12.3% Mallet Ultimecia's Castle   1.1% Star's Core Crystal World   11.3% Moonflow Dream's End   14.3% Order of Emptiness Order's Sanctuary   12.3% Entropy's Birth Edge of Madness   10.1%
    • By Edon
      What attacks or mechanics do you desire to be preserved in the in the arcade version? 
      For Light: Thunder & Watera must maintain themselves, I need my Poko & Bob (though I think a video showed Thunder being like Lickidy-Split Thundaga).
      For Prishe: Custom brave options with ridiculous combinations please. And some more taco references like a Spicy Fire-Breath attack.
      For Exdeath: This guy still needs to be able to block everything.
      For Gabranth: I demand this guy say even more ruthless stuff, "You miserable wrench" must be topped.
      I haven`t watched the Arcade videos lately, so I might be behind on some facts. I haven`t played XI either, so I`m unfamiliar with Prishe's affinity of tacos.

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