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When this came finally comes out you'd best believe that I am gonna be one of the ones who start uploading videos so quick it'll make your head spin. There's just one itty bitty issue. I haven't the slightest idea of how YouTube or twitch works, however I figured that there are others who are also unaware of the inside and outs of using YouTube or Twitch. And if we want the is game to get popular and make it to EVO then what better way then to create a market by uploading videos and Livestreams.

So let's talk about it, let's share what we know about these topics, answers to common questions or stories about experiences you'd like to share with the community so that future uploaders can avoid the issues you had while trying to figure things out on your own. We can talk about what kind of setup can give us the best quality footage, the rules do and don't about YouTube and Twitch. Ya know things that will allow us to help each other make the best quality channels.

We can even share gaming setups and equipment for streaming, just talk about everything related to twitch and YouTube cause I for one would like to make a career out of this and I'm more than positive there are others as well.

And while we're at it, please by all means I encourage you to share you YouTube channel or twitch id so that we can all come over and subscribe (I know I will at least). 

Let'sshare advice and make this happen- S.O.L

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Wow that's actually pretty neat your wanting to get into this now.

In that case here is my channel

While twitch is somthing i have used in the past, due to alot of updates, moving states (yes this can effect your streaming dependant on where you live), and OS updates... i have fallen off the live stream business. How ever it's not to say I haven't learned any thing from my baby steps through YouTube and twitch and thus here is some of my tips for getting looked at in YouTube /Twitch.

Disclaimer; I am no means a pro YouTuber (barely have 100 subs to my name ) these tips are use it or leave it help.


First and for most while ps4 is neat with its share function I'm willing to bet money there will be a god awful watermark on there somehow. And while I hate to say it, the quality on the ps4 share function is lack luster. Most if not all viewers want alot of clean crisp gameplay and if they like what they see they will continue on watching that channel or series.

Recommendation obviously is to get a video capture card. I am currently using an ElGato HD60 Pro which hooks into the PCI port of my motherboard. Now I am not here to endorse Elgato however they are pretty much the lead runners in Capture Card Devices and mine happens to be one of their pricey models(I just looked and apparently they made a newer better model of the version I have... go figure.). But as with all things, there's cheaper versions of the same.

So if you go snooping through the Elgato line up you'll see they have different strokes for different folks, their earliest model the Elgato game capture HD is being discontinued/No longer being manufactured so if it's sold out best to look for the next best thing.

With a capture card you directly capture everything on your screen as you see and as your audience will see it making great quality for your videos.


I'll be posting more tips later, going to go ahead and post this so my battery on my phone don't die hahaha. 

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I greatly appreciate your input and I've already subscribed to your channel. I look forward to your other tips like how to deal with YouTube's ridiculous (from what I heard) copyright laws. I hear it's basically a mine field.

I'd also like to talk more about quality assurance and the overall process of getting the footage from my PS4 to the internet. I honestly have no idea what a capture card is or how it works but if you had a link to the site where you got yours at least I'd know where to look.

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Oh boy asking the big gun questions, alright I'm gonna try to put this in Spolier tags in order to save space and room and the incase some of you looking at this later are already aware.

- The YouTube Copyright Issues


Believe me when I say some content creators hate YouTube and their Copyright madness.

If your like me and doing this as more of a hobby than a job, this won't really be as bad. But if your looking for monetization from this well you better watch your step.

So where does this initially stem from, well it has to do with the unique system YouTube uses in order to detect copyrighted material, be it Video or Music.

Now this can be a good and a bad, yes it protects key producing company's like Sony, Tv Tokyo, etc, from having their work pirated or stolen how ever it's not properly looked over in the fair use system.

For instance, I did a review once for God Eater. In it I featured short clips of the anime in my review, when showing these the automated system caught my clips and proceeded to flag it

Now here's where things get difficult: depending on what it is the owner can have set parameters on what the video itself can do; Demonitization is the big one for people looking to get money out of this, if your not... no worries then.
Blocked in some countries; Not the hugest deal how ever I spent some time in Africa recently and when my buddies would post some videos on YouTube I would not be able to view it because of the current country I was in. It's weird and it sucks.
Muting of the specific part or whole video; you may as well not even have it up if this happens...
Overall blocking of the video; This is the one that destroyed my god eater review.

Now you do have the option of fighting the copyright whether it be it is your own content, or it's their content but your using Fair Use, how ever I strongly advise against this step unless you have a legal backing as in proper rights to said content. If your claim is not strong enough you will be hit with a copyright strike and too many can have you perma banned off YouTube,  I nearly was a victim of this.

So what can you do if this happens to you? Remake, Remove, leave it be. That's really all you can do with YouTube. With the god eater review I wound up having to remake it at least 5 times because of it catching the clips. Some of the other youtubers I work with suggested I just remove all clips and just have pictures up but I figured it would have made for a pretty shitty review and after all the edits it turned out to be just that. Still a pretty shitty review by a mediocre anime reviewer.


Video Copyrights

Yeah don't ask me how these people are getting away showing full length episodes of tv shows... I have no idea what magic they are working...

Video Copyrights are by far the most content breaking, you put somthing out and if it's flagged under video copyright you may as well kiss that screen goodbye because all your gonna get is YouTube's infamous :/

Rumor has it you can get away with it so long as it is 30 secs or less but do not put quotation marks on my name and say it was I who told you this was ok, if my god eater review is any evidence to the crap I had to deal with, your better off doing your best to not do this.

However most of this type of copyright is merely hit by Tv shows, and Nintendo(Why I said Nintendo, well there has been big controversy on Nintendo dogging any and all product by a Nintendo so if you try to show smash gameplay or Zelda gameplay Nintendo is liable to come after you. But that's still being worked on...).

Square Enix on the other hand is pretty lenient on any sort of copyright infringement on the community, for them it's free publicity of their products, if people show it off ,people will be interested in it. So yes if you wanted to do a whole story playthrough of dissidia your more than welcomed to just be sure in the description to name out the game, developer and producer. It kinda helps in multiple angles with viewers and owners.


Sound/Music Copyrights

This beast is somewhat easier to handle than video but at the same time can be just as problematic

As far as music what it can effect when you are hit with this is;
Demonitization, only a problem if you are trying to get money
Music at specific point muted; a lesser of the evils.
Whole video mute; self explanatory
Video Blocked in some country's
Video Removed; again self explanatory

Music can be fooled alot of times by using your own voice, gameplay, or just overall editing of the music itself if it falls under a copyright that is heavy branded. The safe guard option of course is to get the ok branding yourself how ever for the effort it would cost to get said branding for a possible 2-5 minute video is honestly annoying(And also if your a guy just doing this for free...). Again take this with a grain of salt maybe you will want to do this.

However I have another option. Find YouTube artist/Remixers or channels dedicated to free usable music to avoid copyright situations. These channels freely make music and offer them to the community so long as you give credit to it's owner, that can simply be done by just adding it to the description, often times they have a set process of what you would do in order to be safe guarded like a specific copy pasta in their description so be sure to have a look through it when your selecting music.

Here are some of mine:
Again these are just a few of the many out there who love to give their music out so long as credit is given where it's due

You may ask yourself "well what if I give credit to the people in a copyrighted song like Chain Smokers or Jay-Z ?"and the reason for that is that they run under many different hoops, and other madness that would have you going above and beyond to find the agency and get a hold of the licence for the use of that song. When some folks on the internet simply just want you to put a name to the work and they are fine with it.

Now the ultimate choice and how hard you wanna work for that biscuit is all on you I can't be the one to do it for you.

So that about does it for youtube copyright madness feel free to pm me, or ask, any other questions you may have and also i am open to critisism from any content creators on my views and how i approach the copyright dance.

But moving on, the next question happens to deal with Capture Cards again spoiler tags for long wall of text. (Sorry guys I just don't know when to shut up :/)

Disclaimer alert: what I am about to share to you is not situations you should repeat but things to look at, research , and decide on your own. Elgato is a name brand and it may be out of your price range how ever that does not mean that you can never get a capture card, there are others out there.

So capture cards... what are they? Well They can be anything really, from a box to a chip, the game keeps evolving with these things, they are an objects that plugs into pc's/Laptops while also hooked up to what ever components your trying to record through (for the sake of argument let's just say HDMI) some cards are special and offer a Exit port or a out port so that you can put it through to your tv and you can watch tv, others... you may have to do extra set ups with (Case in point Dazzel look it up when you have the time).

I'll tell you I started with a Dazzel which was a small little thing that hooked up with a usb  honestly after I looked back at my time with it I wish I had just waited but my eagerness to be on YouTube and share things took over. The quality my Dazzel recorded was very low and that was because I was running standard component cables (Red Yellow White) And while I did my best to make it better in quality it obviously never came to par with what I have now.

Fast forward and I find myself in the grips of one the name brand capture card makers 'Elgato' starting with their first card "Elgato Game Recorder HD"
This recorded very nicely however because due to it being connected to the PC via USB there was a huge delay of about 15-30 seconds which if your trying to stream can be awful if your trying to sync it. Can't tell you how many hours I wasted in front of OBS setting working on syncing and quality assurance.

Fast forward some more and now I have a Elgato HD 60 pro this sucker plugged into my motherboard of my pc, and this thing is a time saver for all that I mentioned above the delay is near minuscule, and if there is it has to be by mere nano seconds, because I have been able to play my video games at times on my recorder.

Again for my sake this lecture I am not saying get Elgato, because it is name brand meaning it is pricey. Shop around and see what catches your eye and if you think it'll work for what you want get it but if you really want Elgato at the end of the day I won't stop you, it's not my money.

I'll leave a link down for you to look at that is bassically a selector of sorts on what you want out of your recording/streaming and what product would best suit you and your situation, I have seen it offer the cheapest option they have currently for them. But again I can't stress this enough do not get this because I told you to. Shop around and find somthing you like if your dead set on Elgato by all means.
Here is the Elgato Capture Card selector page


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On 1/7/2018 at 12:48 AM, ScionOfLight said:

I greatly appreciate your input and I've already subscribed to your channel. I look forward to your other tips like how to deal with YouTube's ridiculous (from what I heard) copyright laws. I hear it's basically a mine field.

I'd also like to talk more about quality assurance and the overall process of getting the footage from my PS4 to the internet. I honestly have no idea what a capture card is or how it works but if you had a link to the site where you got yours at least I'd know where to look.

Hey! Sorry, just saw your message on the other topic. I'd be happy to talk about my recording/streaming process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to be as detailed as I can, hopefully it helps!


So YouTube is my main thing, and my commentary videos were pretty simple because I didn't have to record any game play. I just downloaded the videos from YouTube, and used OBS to record over them. OBS is a pretty popular streaming tool, I don't actually use it for streaming but a lot of people do. I can explain it if you don't know what it is, but it's basically a streaming/recording hub where you can choose what audio and visuals you want to use. Anyways, as far as mics go, any decent mic will probably do. I personally have an Audio‑Technica AT2020 which I found at my local music store. It was around $100, works solid. So yeah, that's my basic commentary recording setup. Open the video, put it up on OBS with my mic, and just record.

For actual gameplay, I personally use an Avermedia Gamer Live Portable 2. It was a little cheaper than the Elgato, which I'm pretty sure is the most popular capture card for gaming. Either way, I imagine they work really similarly. It has a few settings -- one of which is a stream mode which is basically a straight feed from your TV to the computer you're connected to. That will let you grab that visual in OBS and record/stream it. Avermedia also has it's own hub that works exactly like OBS that I use, I haven't had any problems with it and it seems a little more user friendly. Another option on the AGLP2 is to just straight record your gameplay. It has ~50gb of internal storage and saves it in 1080p60fps which is nice. For the JPN beta, I would basically set it to this record setting, turn it on at 4 AM, turn it off at 9 AM when the beta ended, then transfer the file to my computer and cut out the matches that were bad.

As far as actual editing goes, I use Blender for my video editing. It's definitely the cheap option (Blender is free, but it's actually made for 3D modeling and rendering). For whatever reason, it also has a video editing mode. A lot of people use Adobe Premier (not free) or Windows Movie Maker (free but limited in functionality). I've worked with Adobe Premier in the past, and I feel like I have all of the options I need in Blender. It's definitely been a learning curve and there isn't that much out there in terms of a tutorial for it though so it helps if you've worked with that kind of software in the past. Anyways, it's pretty straightforward for making highlight reels and stuff, just insert your clips and cut out what you don't want. I'd be happy to go over the settings and stuff if anyone wants, but I feel like I'm the only person who has ever used Blender for video editing so I doubt anyone else will go that route haha.

I haven't had any issues with copyright from YouTube. Maybe I'm too small a channel for anyone to care, but so far so good. I always put in the Square Enix copyright line that they requested we use back in the NA closed beta.

So yeah tl;dr for me, for straight gameplay I just record to my AGLP2 and then transfer it to my computer and edit it with Blender. For streaming, I just put the AGLP2 in stream mode and use their software to stream, although OBS works just as well.

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