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How can we convince SqEnix to consider a proper sequel to Dissidia and Duodecim?

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I know I'm not the only person who is dissastisfied with, disappointed/let down by, disgruntled, or otherwise feeling left in the dirt by the new direction they went in for NT. Whether it be that you think it doesn't feel like a Dissidia game, are not a fan of team-based arena fighters, think that making a 1v1 game (established through 2 entries) into a 3v3 game was a mistake, or just don't subscribe to the trend of trying to make games into easy-to-play accessible esports titles, there are many of us who aren't happy with NT.

Some may try to silence us and tell us that our opinion doesn't matter because we are the minority, but as fans who love Dissidia, our opinion DOES matter just as much as that of pre-existing fans who are okay with the changes.

Yes, NT is what it is and there's no changing that. I don't have to be content with it nor do I have to enjoy NT, and nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise, but I can admit that the gameplay style of NT is set in stone as of 2 years ago and there's no changing it. Especially due to the fact that its catered to the Japanese arcade scene much more than the fans of the PSP entries' style. 

Those who enjoy NT can enjoy it until they can play no more, grow tired of it, it eventually dies down, or is overshadowed by other esports games (how quickly that will be depends on how long people are content playing/watching a game with restricted individual player ability for the sake of fair 3v3, usually seen as a bad thing to fans of fighters and arena fighters). But that shouldn't mean that we who want the "Dissidia" style gameplay, of the past two entries, should just shut up and never get the sequel that we want.

So, on to the purpose of this post:

I'm posting this to see if there's any ideas on how we can get Square Enix to hear that that there are no small amount of people who want a new game that feels like the tried and true Dissidia of the PSP. There has to be some way to get the concept through their thick skulls.

Personally, I'd even be happy with a PS Vita exclusive Dissidia 3, as long as it is compatible with PS Vita TV and has netplay.

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I don't know about convincing, they surely have research departments which will provide suggestions to higher-ups based on various analysis; sales, reviews, player satisfaction/engagement and else.

As you said, NT won't change, it's established. What you can indeed do is express your want for another 1v1 Dissidia title. That said, you may want to read the following:


Dengeki asked Nomura what's next for the Dissidia series. "There is no next," replied Nomura. "We're thinking about ending this pattern of Dissidia here. There also won't be a UT [Universal Tuning, the name for the international re-release of the original Dissidia] version. The overseas version is being released at nearly the same time and has the same tuning, so we're not thinking about a release [of a UT version]. For KHII, I said 'there are no plans at present,' but it looks like this was taken to mean 'it won't be released.' When it won't be released, I'll clearly say that it won't be released. For this title, there will be no UT version."

The Dissidia series may not necessarily be over, though. Said Nomura, "For the Dissidia series, there's the possibility of it appearing in another form. However, we feel that we've done all we can with the battle base. We had the staff work for years on one on one battles, so I'd like to let them do another genre. I feel we've done all we can with this pattern of Dissidia. However, it is exciting to see past characters revived in 3D. So, if given the chance, we'd like to do something as Dissidia. however, I don't think it will be this Dissidia."

Taken from an old andriasang article.

Goes to show the chances are seemingly very slim, as the development team has long moved on from the mentality of creating a 1v1 game. Demand can do wonders though. So gather support, voice the demand in a respectful manner and hope for the best.

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To add onto what Hyne said, most modern games also passively track player actions for the sake of devs to analyse how they're games are being played. While usually this is done for balancing game features and fixing bugs, in theory if they see a large spike in Dissidia being played 1v1 rather than its intended 3v3 format they may consider either supporting that "dueling" style within NT or making another game with more focus on it.

However, the latter's chances is a bit slim due to the above mentioned article. Although that doesn't necessarily mean a remake of 012 is out of the question, just that a "New" game probably isn't going to be coming any time soon.

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You know what, a rebalanced remake of Duodecim would be great. I would be happy with that, evevn if it were to be exclusive to PS Vita/PS TV. 

They could rebalance the game's more imbalanced aspects and movesets, add in the option to set a match timer in PVP,  and add online (P2P would be good enough) matchmaking that defaults to the "Official (Skill)" ruleset.

The emulator mods have already shown that Duodecm can look great with graphics/texture mods, so an official graphical update wouldn't be very difficult for a company with as many resources as SqEnix. 

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