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This thread will be used for any and all discussions regarding Season 1.

Feel free to ask any questions pertaining to the opening post for the competitive season.

Please allow us to finish the first minor before we delve into rule sets, character and stage picks.



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Just wanna say good luck to all the teams involved, lets push each other to become better than today and to become the best players we can by helping out one another, lets get this show on the road bois.

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Here are some newbie questions: 

Is there a standard way to challenge teams? For example, if somebody wanted to challenge us, would they just have to see that I posted to the team registration and contact my forum account? 

Also, the ladder thread says that we are supposed to have have 'a Mod or Tournament organizer present' for our matches. How does that work exactly. 

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I would use our discord channel to get in touch with members. As it is the easiest means by far.

Mods and tournament organizers will be present on the discord as much as possible.

Since there is no coin flips or anything its not as big an issue.

It just becomes an issue when we have discrepancies during the matches.

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Hey guys,

I have a general question. I wrote on the Discord server, but nonetheless will post here. So, the true source to participate in official and non-official tournaments is this forum, correct?

Also, how long will be S1, and is there a possibility of still gathering a team and participating? How does that go? I know there's the sign up thread, but I see there are already matches going on, and people already did some stuff. So would I still be in time?

Thanks a bunch, guys!

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Yes you can still enter but I wouldn't at the time . There will be some changes put into effect after our first tournament.Big news coming in the near future,check out our tournament New Tale on 03/31.

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