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Dissidia NT Competitive Season Team listing

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This will be an on going list of teams and members of team who have signed up for the first season.

Everyone on this list will obtain a Team role and will have access to the #Nt-Tourney-Lobby

Feel free to use this thread to contact players from this list. Though I would advise using discord to hunt down your opponents.

Have at it ladies and gents!!!!

Team name                                     Team Members                                                    Time zone

7th Heaven                                      Lokreah , Nix-trix2 ,Idk252                                   Gmt -5

All-Star Meme                                 Degnsefer, Kvgray89 ,604 Ronin                        Gmt -6

Avalanche                                        Wolfbarkbroken, Kays7108, Ex-Soldier              Gmt -5, Gmt -6, Gmt -8

Bash BroZ                                        JT, Dart, AK                                                            Gmt -5,Gmt -6

Clean Bois                                        Chandella, Ex_Shiki, xHyponicZero                    Gmt -8,Gmt -5

Crash 'N Flow                                   DimitriLH, GunZlegend, Jag                                Gmt -5,Gmt -4

Dream Crushers                               Zappieroth, Steive-Rex, Amthic                          Gmt +1, Gmt +9

Hey                                                     Wakisyan, Shiki2737, Peter (skyline_typeR34 Gmt -5 ,

Judge Masters                                 Dryad-Bitfrost, Fai-La-Ai, MrAwwsum               Gmt -6

Kill Zidane                                          Reimitos, Game-Manip, JordanHAvVoc          Gmt -5

Los Platanutres                                 Nidexx, Dawnic, Kaotiks                                    Gmt -4

NE Rules                                             Hero, Hazmatt, Bamma                                      Gmt -5

New Dawn                                          ChibiRoo, Nix-Trix2, Razeluxe22                       Gmt -5, Gmt -4, Gmt

PB&J                                                   Jells Hext, Antique Teacup, Taxen of Hearts  Gmt -6, Gmt

Sephiroth's Mimetic Legacy            Alpha, Evanas2319, Astarot Arkwright             Gmt -5, Gmt -8

Septima Caelum                               WiifitJayner, Hexacoto, Damien                         Gmt -5, Gmt

Shadow Force                                   Slycooper431, Ichigo431, ttv_drums                 Gmt -5

Team Blu                                            Zhen, RoyalHeartV2, DeeWeb                            Gmt -6

TeamOnodera                                   Acnowlogia93, Zero-01, Jeston                         Gmt -5 

Teen Girl Squad                                 Accel, Adelvos, Mewtater                                   Gmt -6

The Job System                                 Neonknight, Tree, Rogue                                    Gmt -5

The Manitoba Megalixirs                 LeginR, Hehehahe22, Matobu_Sei                     Gmt -6

TNBB                                                   Leif, Wheelz, Navarre                                           Gmt -5, Gmt -6

Unknown Entity                                  Cross, Clein, Edo                                                   Gmt -5

Xerampelinae                                     Cherub, Danned, UW2K                                        Gmt +1, Gmt -5








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Team list updated

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Bash Broz are free to play anytime after 8pm est starting tomorrow. Someone come get this work.

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