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Character roster discussion and speculation

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Personal picks update!

Duodecim — reference [31]:

  1. Warrior of Light | Garland
  2. Firion | The Emperor
  3. Onion Knight | Cloud of Darkness
  4. Cecil, Kain | Golbez
  5. Bartz | Gilgamesh | Exdeath
  6. Terra | Kefka
  7. Cloud, Tifa, Aerith | Sephiroth
  8. Squall, Laguna | Ultimecia
  9. Zidane | Kuja
  10. Tidus | Yuna | Jecht
  11. Shantotto | Prishe
  12. Vaan | Gabranth
  13. Lightning

NT additions — reference [+3]:

  1. FINAL FANTASY XIV: Y'shtola

Picks [+16=50]:

  1. Minwu
  2. Rydia
  3. Locke, Edgar, Shadow
  4. Vincent
  5. Vivi | Beatrix
  6. Auron
  7. Lady Lilith, Eald'narche
  8. Balthier, Fran
  9. Caius
  10. Gaius van Baelsar
  11. Aranea

The list is a combination of wishlist, characters I think would fit the game best and likelihood due to popularity.

Edited by HYNE
swapped Ashe for Balthier

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    • By Nomad0fthedark
      Hi there! I am new to this Community, and I'm not sure how to start interacting with people so this seemed like the best idea, nevertheless I'd like to talk with people about their favorite characters to use, their favorite in general, what characters they wanted in the game and all around anything to get to know some people in the community.
      My personal mains are Tidus, Gabranth, and Kain to start this off.
    • By HYNE
      On the stream aired today they showed off some battles from which I found two things to be worth pointing out:
      1) There can be multiple of the same characters in battle
      I mean, thinking about it now, it makes sense because there would be clashes between people wanting to use the same character. Some people prefer to play with their favorite character and they won't settle for anything less so this feature had to be in. Still! 6 Sephiroths? 6 Shantottos? That's insane.
      2) There's one summon per team and the summoning is a big deal
      The animation and the presence of a summoned beast itself is epic. Not the FFXV-scale epic, but pretty big anyway.

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