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Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

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First played the first game on my big bro psp back in summer 2013. I played the demo one or two years earlier and my has had the game for a long time. Decided to give it a try and was in love with the game. Was also a member of the dissidiaforums.com 

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      so i was never an expensive kid to buy presents for christmas. only because nothing that was new ever really interested me that much. he'd always try to persuade me to get one thing something super expensive cuz the new stuff was easier to get a hold of and he'd rather spend a lot of money really quickly than make an effort. Kapparoth but i told him either dont buy me anything or get me this game it's called "dissidia duodecim" he'd give me this withering look of disapproval cuz it sounded gay af. so then I HAD TO HAVE IT. he bought it and it was the best thing i ever gotten for christmas. i played that bitch 24/7. i didnt have a lot of close friends growing up.... cuz im weird. so i instantly ruled out multiplayer cuz i figured that's the only way you be able to play with someone with the psps trash online capabilities. i was so disappointed i never got to show off my "skills" back then. but it was always this itch i had to scratch somehow and  i got so interested in pvp dissidia i looked to see if **anyone** ever got to play a pvp match. and sure enough

i came across the dissidia channel. and i was glued to the channel for like days and commented on one video expressing how much i missed the game, and how much it sucked that i missed the chance to get to play with another human being, cause by this time i had broken my psp and hadnt played the game in almost a year. and sure enough here comes rdf, who at that time was still pretending to be a human, saying "yea we got this community" bla bla and sent me the link. and ever since i've been getting dash blocked and bodied ever since X).


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On 8/31/2016 at 2:43 PM, Muggshotter said:

Hogged the DFF demo at a friend, got my own PSP, played Squall and Cecil, realised Jecht was the best bot slayer.

He has been my best character ever since despite my attempts at playing tournament characters.

I was already too late.

But I guess people enjoy seeing Jecht prosper even if they don't play the game anymore.

I just try to suck less.

Bonus round: Also apparently the "Muggsy" nickname X-Star calls me by is the name of some basketball player and a looney tunes character.


The name Muggshotter itself derived from a random list of names I compiled for a youtube user name. Picked Mugshot and -er'd it.

The more you know.

X-star and JT. I didn't even know he called you that. I've been calling you muggsy bogues forever 😂 He's not a looney tunes character lol. He was just in space jam because it was looney tunes and a MBA mashup . 

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