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Genesis - conclusion

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Hey everyone,

Our first major here at Dissidia Community has ended, @VII being crowned as the victor.


I hope everyone had a good time participating in this event.

Now, I know some of you are discouraged by your performance, but try to have it not get to you—especially first-timers. This experience is invaluable. Don't judge your ability to compete solely on this. If you still have the drive for it, train and persist—you'll get farther next time.

Claiming the #1 spot isn't the only reason to enter a tournament. Not even top X actually. For some, it could simply be a testament of what they can do with a certain character. Not everyone will ride the top tier characters to victory. If you main a lower tier character, it's absolutely acceptable to just demonstrate your skill with that particular character; which is a worthy feat in of itself.

A worthy accomplishment is also, at least in my opinion, producing a high quality replay. Even if you haven't achieved the results you wanted, you might've provided everyone with entertaining footage worthy of praise. Don't discount the value of that.

I can't wait for all the replays to be uploaded so I witness some of that Duodecim action.

Anyway, without further ado...

Congratulations to the top 3 of Genesis!

  1. @VII
  2. @RDF
  3. @TKG09

Here's the full bracket:

I'm still working on my part of the prizes and I apologize for whatever time it takes to make them as I'm currently swamped with all kinds of work. Same goes for the tournament data.

Thanks to all participants and tournament organizers for making this event possible. See you at the next one.


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