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So, I wanted to let you guys know I uninstalled FFRK. I felt like I was hitting a wall, and all those gem pulls were hurting my finances. Ever since I uninstalled it, I feel like I have more free time, more money, more freedom. I don't feel bound to do dailies everyday or rush to get events done. It's a good feeling.

It was fun for awhile. May 1st would have been my 1st anniversary for FFRK, but I needed to leave, or at least take a break. Though, from what I've read, FFRK is only going to become more grindy from here on out.

I'll keep updating the first post with Record Materia and other updates from reddit, though.

EDIT: Speaking of which, check the first post, I added a lot of useful info.

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:( Well damn, that sucks, Aegis. I was wondering where you had been. Hope you come back one day, and see how much things progress in the game.

As for myself, I managed to beat Apocalypse Phantom Train with a solo team just a while ago. 





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