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DDFF DLC Toolkit - DLC generation/edition tool!

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Hi everyone!

Here is a tool which will ease your DLC creation/edition needs: DDFF DLC Toolkit!



  • Easy Character DLC generation: you can now create character DLCs easily without meddling with hex values, just select the character, slots, models and portraits and that's it!
  • DLC Attachments: you can create new attachments from scratch with ease and link them to your existing DLCs!
  • Easy BGM DLC generation: you can now create BGM DLC packs from scratch or from an existing source!
  • Swapping DLC slots: you can swap existing DLCs slots to fit your needs!
  • EX-Mode Aura/.exex edition: you can select the colors that you want for your character's EX-Mode aura using a simple graphical interface! You can also customize all the EX-Mode auras that a character has!
  • DLC Reporting: you can view your currently installed DLC data and export it in easy-to-handle Excel spreadsheets or text files! This tool is useful to keep track of your installed DLC or for checking DLC incompatibility issues.
  • And more features to come!




I'll host all the releases in my Github account; just go to the GitHub's release page and download the "ddff_dlc_toolkit" .zip file.

new.gifVersion 1.1.2 (2/14/2016): 


  • 2/14/2016 - Version 1.1.2
    • General:
      • Support for high DPI screens
    • BGM Generation Tab:
      • Removed 36 characters limitation in song names. Now the user will be notified that exceeding that size may not render the name properly in-game. Thanks to convalise for the suggestion!
      • Fixed bug that generated wrong names for songs with hex numbers that contained uppercase letters. Thanks to Lugia2009 & convalise for the bug report!

Source code

You can get the tool's source code from its Github page. Feel free to submit bugs or pull requests there if you want to wink.png

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How to use the tool

Opening the tool


Decompress the .zip file and run the ddff_dlc_toolkit.exe file. Simple as that!

No support for Linux or Mac OS users this time, but you can try Wine for Linux or any virtualization option and see if it works :)

Setting up the tool


First things first, you'll need to setup a few options in the File > Settings option menu:


Here you can select your main DLC folder (by default, it's in the "dlc" folder in the executable's folder) and a few other options that you can tweak for your tastes.

Generating character DLC files


The user interface for generating character DLC files is very simple:


Here you can edit a few fields:

  • Character: As the name implies, the character that you want to generate the DLC files for.
    NOTE: Aerith DLCs don't work, there must be some issue in-game for that, you must override an existing slot for them to work.
  • DLC Costume slot: The game provides 9 DLC slots for each character to use. Select the one that fits your needs. You can also select Normal, Alt.1 & Alt.2 & Manikin costumes for those characters that allow it.
  • Include manikin effects: if you leave this checked, then your DLC will include data from the manikin version of the character, including voices & EX effects.
  • Player/Assist DLC slot: The game allows a total of 255 DLC slots (this is, 255 player and assist DLCs); select which ones your DLCs will use
  • Player/Assist GMO/GIM: Just find your GMO/GIM in your filesystem, nothing fancy here :P
    NOTE: The Player GIM File 2 will only be enabled if you select Cecil as the character you want to create your DLC for.

When everything is ready, just click "Generate!". This will generate the DLC files in the "dlc" folder next to the program executable.

Generating DLC Attachments


This is the user interface for the DLC attachments tab:


This tab has two sections: Creation and Linking. Let's explain what each of them does:

  • The Creation tab let us create new DLC Attachments given a DLC Attachment base (the original attachment that you're using to create your custom attachment) so it can retain the same physics data as the original, the DLC slot, and the GMO that you want to use for it. 
    This will generate the DLC files in the "dlc" folder next to the program executable.
  • The Linking tab can link any player/assist controller with an existing attachment controller or an attachment ID. Just select your base player/assist controller and an attachment controller or ID (in big-endian format, as the DLC reporter tab reports them) and click "Link!".
    This will overwrite the file that you loaded, as well as keeping a backup of that same file in the same folder where the original .exex file was located. Simple, huh?

Generating BGM DLC files


Now you can generate BGM DLCs with ease! Here's the user interface of the tab:


You can create a new BGM DLC by clicking New, or edit an existing one by clicking Load...

From there, you can use the controls in the tab as follows:

  • The DLC Slot box lets you select in which slots will your songs be. You must select one for the tool to generate the DLC properly.
  • You can add and remove new BGMs using the Add and Remove buttons.
  • You can also alter the selected track position by using the Up and Down buttons.
  • When you click on a BGM, you can edit some parameters, such as:
    • The BGM's title. The interface will notify you if the text may not render properly inside the game (it may overlap with other UI elements in the game). You can choose to ignore the warning if you want.
    • The AT3 that you'll use for this song. For existing BGM DLCs, the tool will try to locate the corresponding .edat if it is in the same folder. You can even let it blank if needed.
    • The BGM's in-game volume (0% to 100%)
    • The Characters by default button will allow you to select the characters for which the the BGM will be picked as default in the "before battle" screen.
    • The Stages by default button will allow you to select the stages for which the the BGM will be picked as default in the "before battle" screen.

When everything is ready, just click Generate! and you'll have your BGM ready to use in your main folder.

Swapping DLC slots


You can now swap DLC slots for Character, Attachments & BGM DLCs. Here's the user interface for it:


The interface is simple enough: pick your kind of controller, select it in the appropriate section, choose the DLC Slot that you want to use, and then click Swap!

The Change IDs check box allows you to also change the controller's/BGMs IDs to ones suitable to the given slot. Just use it if you know what you're doing!

Editing EX-Mode Auras / .exex files


This is the user interface for the .exex edition tab:


In order to use the .exex edition interface, you first need to load an .exex file (generated via the DLC generation tab, for example). The .exex files usually have a size of 88 bytes (most characters), 168 bytes (Cecil and Onion Knight) or 248 bytes (Lightning).

Loading an .exex will load all the existing auras for that file. You can view and edit them all using the Aura Slot box

From this interface, you just need to click on the color boxes and change the colors to whatever you want. 

When you do all needed editions, press Save .exex!. This will overwrite the file that you loaded, as well as keeping a backup of that same file in the same folder where the original .exex file was located.

DLC Reporter


This is the user interface for the DLC reporter:


This is pretty easy to use: just load the folder where you have your installed DLC and the text box will show you a list of the currently installed Character & BGM DLCs data and files. You can then export this information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Keep in mind that this Excel spreadsheet has two worksheets: one for Character DLC files and another for BGM DLC files!

Note: Player/Attachment with Unknown character data is likely to be an attachment, a Player/Attachment with character data is (obviously :P) a Player DLC



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Added tool tutorials

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Bug reporting and known bugs

In order to keep things consistent, I propose the following format for filing any bugs that you find while using the tool:


OS Version: Your Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 8...)
DLC Toolkit version: The DLC Toolkit version.
Description of the problem: Be sure to include:

  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  • What happened.
  • What you think the correct behavior should be.

log.txt file: The tool generates a log.txt file in the executable's folder when an unexpected error happens. Please upload it somewhere so I can check it (for example, copy & paste the text file in http://pastebin.com or https://gist.github.com and put the link here, or copy it inside a spoiler tag in the forums)

You can report those bug here in this post or in GitHub's issues page

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Bug reporting steps added

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(edit) alright so i think i figured out how the player dlc slot thing works it relates to what save slot you're using, right? think that would be good to explain, now how do i get my .mp3 files to a .at3?

Edited by Aurelius
figured out question, had new one

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